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关于”工业上的节能减排“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Energy saving and emission reduction in industry。以下是关于工业上的节能减排的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Energy saving and emission reduction in industry

Billions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the air every year, which contributes to global warming and climate change to some extent. You have to give your advice on how to reduce carbon emissions. Write a composition about words on the following topic: my views on reducing carbon emissions you should write the second part in three parts in the first part, specifically state your views in the second part, provide one or two reasons to support your idea or describe your idea in the last part, so that you can draw a natural conclusion or summarize what you have written, if not according to the instructions Write a note about the word according to the following situation: your classmate Jane is considering buying MP, you want to recommend an MP to her, write a note telling her which brand it is, and describe the two characteristics of MP score: content, organization, my view on reducing carbon emissions, and several billion tons of carbon dioxide are consumed each year Emissions into the air, to a certain extent, has led to global warming and climate change.

If we do not take measures to reduce carbon emissions to achieve this goal, life on the earth will be seriously affected. I think the whole society should form the concept of energy saving. First of all, we should do our best to replace the traditional light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs in our daily life, so as to reduce the cost Second, choose public transport instead of driving your own car.

As we can imagine, the less cars you drive, the better. Third, when you are shopping, choose simple packaged goods. If we choose products with simple packaging, we will produce less garbage, thus reducing the carbon emissions from waste combustion.

When shopping, don't forget to replace plastic bags with recyclable bags. Therefore, it is very easy to reduce carbon emissions in our daily life. As long as we strive to do this every day, we can help us reduce our carbon emissions by billions of tons every year discharge.





"Low carbon life" refers to the low-carbon life in which energy consumption is reduced as much as possible during work and rest, so as to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For ordinary people, it is an attitude rather than an ability. We should actively advocate and practice low-carbon life, pay attention to the energy saving and oil saving of solar energy.

It has been a little years since the beginning, with the depth of industrialization process, greenhouse The emission of gases, mainly carbon dioxide, makes global warming and climate change. This is an indisputable fact. According to the report published by the World Meteorological Organization, in addition, recent years have been the hottest year in the world.

Global warming has also made the Antarctic ice layer begin to melt, and lead to sea level rise. If we protect the environment, protect animals, and save energy, these environmental protection concepts have already been put into practice As long as you are willing to take the initiative to restrain yourself and improve your living habits, you can join "low carbon life is actually very simple", for example, using the traditional clock alarm clock, Climate change is not only the concern of environmentalists, experts and scholars, but also closely related to each of us. If you think that your power alone is insignificant to the whole earth, why If you want to live a low-carbon life, you are wrong.

You know that the contribution of an energy-saving lamp and a solar water heater to energy conservation and emission reduction is indeed very small. However, as long as one hundred million people use it, energy conservation and emission reduction will be astronomical. Can low-carbon life make our body healthier and the environment more beautiful? What's wrong with us.




More than 20 cities in North China will face a one-year air pollution prevention and control inspection in the largest national inspection in history. The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on Wednesday that "2 +" (strict inspection of air pollution prevention and control targets for one year) static pollution sources meet the emission standards and "stop production of volatile organic compounds, installation and operation of VOC"(“ Zero tolerance energy conservation and emission reduction carbon emissions ecological environment monitoring illegal emissions.



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