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关于”出行的健康生活方式“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Healthy lifestyle of travel。以下是关于出行的健康生活方式的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Healthy lifestyle of travel

His healthy lifestyle I have a good friend. He has a healthy lifestyle. He never smokes or drinks and never stays up late.

So he has enough sleep every day. He also has good eating habits. For example, he has three healthy meals a day.

He eats some vegetables every day because they are rich in vitamins that are good for our health. Drinking milk every day can make his bones strong Zhuang He eats junk food because it is harmful to his health. He always washes his hands in time and brushes his teeth twice a day.

In addition, he exercises for at least an hour every day. He often takes a bath and has good health habits. He keeps good health.




I think healthy living habits are very important for today's society. People have realized the importance of keeping healthy and good living habits. We should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

We should not eat too many snacks. Second, we should drink a lot of water. Third, I think more meat and fish, less exercise is not conducive to good health and good rest, less meat and fish, more vegetables And enough exercise is good for health.

Fourth, we should get up early and go to bed early. In my life, we shouldn't stay up late. We should have living habits.

The definition of a healthy lifestyle includes a positive attitude to life, a balanced diet, regular exercise, three to five times a week, at least 30 to 45 minutes per class, regular social activities and regular physical examinations. I want to add a wealth of personal knowledge to the list. All of us are very busy every day.

Students are faced with piles of homework and blue and white-collar workers eager to do it The first thing in the morning is the traffic jams, unsolved problems, setbacks, new challenges, pressures in our workplaces and offices. We have forgotten our needs as human beings until the alarm of our biological clock is triggered, and we finally realize what we should do for ourselves earlier because we ignore what our bodies tell us, so We paid a higher price. Joozenecom started our project not too late.

We can't avoid our problems every day, but we can change our way of thinking. We can use our daily work as physical exercise. For example, I spend hours a week cleaning my house.

I either turn on music or sing loud songs. I think I can To finish my daily work faster, in a happy mood, I take turns cleaning the bathroom walls with my arms, which is exactly the same exercise shoulder, I think I will never have to see an orthopedic surgeon because of my shoulders when I get to that particular age.




If we want to have a better life and have a bright future, we must try our best to protect the environment: first of all, we must control the population growth. The more the population, the more housing and food we need. People have no choice but to cut down trees and make room for building houses and farming.

Second, from now on, we should take some measures to control and stop pollution, for example, to close down one Some seriously polluted factories make the water clean before it flows into the river. But the most important thing is to make people realize the importance of protecting the environment. Then everyone can join in the anti pollution campaign, a healthy lifestyle.

Chinese medicine believes that we need a balance of yin and yang to keep healthy. For example, you are often weak and tired. Maybe you have too much yin.

You should eat hot yang food, such as beer, sheng and Astragalus membranaceus. But those who are stressed and angry may have too much yang. They should eat more yin food, such as tofu.

Now it is very popular in many Western countries, because they easily have healthy eating habits, so they should drink well Food is important.



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