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关于”奶酪节“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Cheese Festival。以下是关于奶酪节的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cheese Festival

Pizza is a bread and tomato dish, often eaten with cheese, has existed in the Middle East and Mediterranean since ancient times. The word "pizza" first appeared in a Latin text in the southern Italian town of geta in A.D., which claimed that the tenant of a certain estate would give the bishop of geta 'Duodecim' Every Christmas, every Easter Sunday, another "in century Naples, a Galilean flat bread called a pizza needs] a poor man's dish, which was sold on the street for a long time not considered a kitchen menu] before the century, pizza was covered with the red sauce needed] which was later covered with oil and tomatoes( In Alexandre Dumas, P è re describes the diversity of ingredients in pizza, which needs to be cited] in June, Naples chef rafaele Esposito created pizza, a tribute to Margarita of the Italian Queen's spouse Sava Margherita, a pizza decorated with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, represents the color of the Italian flag. He was the first to add cheese.

Flat bread with Mediterranean flavor has become a popular dish in the century, but this sequence is not fully understood.


披萨是一种面包和西红柿菜肴,常与奶酪一起食用,自古以来就存在于中东和地中海地区的菜肴中。“披萨”一词最早出现在公元年意大利南部城镇盖塔的一篇拉丁文文本中,该文本声称,某个地产的承租人将给盖塔主教‘duodecim pizze’,“十二个比萨”,每个圣诞节,每个复活节星期天另一个“在世纪那不勒斯,一个伽利特扁平面包被称为比萨饼需要]一道穷人的菜,它在街上出售,在很长一段时间内不被认为是厨房食谱]在世纪以前,披萨上覆盖着需要的红色酱汁]这后来被油、西红柿(欧洲人与美洲接触后)或鱼所取代,在亚历山大仲马,père描述了比萨配料的多样性需要引证]6月,为了向意大利女王配偶萨瓦的玛格丽塔致敬,那不勒斯厨师拉斐尔·埃斯波西托(Raffaele Esposito)创造了“玛格丽塔比萨”(Pizza Margherita),一种用西红柿、马苏里拉奶酪和罗勒叶装饰的披萨,代表意大利国旗的颜色。他是第一个加入奶酪的人。



Once upon a time, there was an ordinary student who lived in the attic, had no property, and there was an ordinary robber. The house belonged to him. He lived on the first floor, and a goblin lived with huxter, because at Christmas he always had a platter full of jam with a big piece of butter in the middle, which huxter could afford.

Therefore, the goblin stayed with him, It was a very cunning night for him. The student went into the store from the back door to buy Candles and cheese for himself. He didn't get any.

So he came by himself. He got what he wanted. Then huxter and his wife nodded to him.

Good night. She was a woman who didn't just nod, because she usually had a lot to say to herself. When the students turned and left, they nodded in return Then he stopped suddenly and began to read the paper wrapped in cheese - a leaf torn from an old book, a book that shouldn't have been torn up.

"Because it's full of poetic lies," the liar said, "I gave an old woman some coffee berries, and you can give the rest for sixpence; if you like, I'll say the students give me the book, Instead of cheese, I can eat my bread and butter. Without cheese, it's a crime to tear up such a book. " A wise man, a practical man, but you don't know more about poetry than the barrel over there.




Thanksgiving Day is a later holiday in the United States and Canada. People usually thank others on this day. Last Thursday's November is Thanksgiving.

The food for Thanksgiving includes bread, English cheese pie, venison, duck and goose, wild turkey, garlic and onion. Pumpkin pudding is the food for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very traditional color food.

Every Thanksgiving, Americans have to eat a fat chicken, because Turkey is a traditional food. Thanksgiving bless my parents, they give me life, let me To learn to thank my brothers and sisters, they let me grow up healthily in difficulties. Many times, they extended their warm hands to thank the teacher for letting me learn, so that I have the ability to pay for others.

You have brought me a lot of fun, brought me a lot of confidence, you have brought me a lot of help, let me better face everything, doodle, thank you.



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