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关于”我喜爱的谚语“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:My favorite proverb。以下是关于我喜爱的谚语的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite proverb

Practice makes perfect God helps those who help themselves. It is easier said than done. It is difficult to do it in a place with will.

If there is a wrong step, there will be a big difference. Slow and stable win the game. A fall into a pit.

The growth of wisdom experience is the mother of wisdom. All work and no play makes smart children dull. Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance.

The slower you learn, the slower you learn, the better. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and steps out of it. Rome was not a great man built in a day.

His thought was a good start. Half of his success was hard to please everyone. He was absent-minded.

The fact was clearer than words. The first thing in black and white was that bad news spread quickly. Friends in need were indeed friends.

They did not live to eat, but eating was to live. Actions can explain things more than words. Home is the best, it is not a gentry Shi Meili's coat doesn't buy beef either.

Like making good friends, the older you get, the wiser you get. Like the Romans, you are a lazy youth. At a poor age, you are like a tree.

So the fruit of life is learning. You should learn how to live. Learning will never be too old.

This is the first step in the cost of trouble. Good start is half done. No one can do two things in front of the devil at the same time.

He will find that there is no smooth road to go where there is will. Before you go, there is a way to think twice before you go. A friend in need is an irrelevant person.

The first thing you see is the beauty of the past in the eyes of love. What you do now is like the Roman people. Everyone has his shortcomings and experience must be treated Find that failure is the mother of success.

With good people, you will be one of the best birds. Smart people, stupid people, practice makes perfect.






Don't waste, don't get a cent from savings. What you save is a penny to take care of pennies and pounds. Your own thrift is a kind of property.

He doesn't care about a penny. He will squander a pound of small profits and bring great wealth. Many little by little accumulation is like a touchstone.

Therefore, gold tests people's courage and determination, which is the spirit and soul of virtue. The road to glory is always rugged There is no difficulty for a man to try fire. Fire is a test of adversity for the strong.

Great hope makes a great man unable to be brave. A calm sea has never made a skilled sailor. A good sailor is well known in bad weather.

The best heart is always the bravest. We must never lie down and cry. God bless us.

He fell down today and may rise again tomorrow Rome is not built in a day, success belongs to perseverance, we must be tempered to say, perseverance is the only way to success, perseverance is failure nineteen times, the twentieth step of success step by step, adversity leads to success, patience and application will take us through the destiny, there are always rewards for those who have patience to wait for her, all things will come back to him, who will wait for constant drop The world is a ladder to go up. It takes a long apprenticeship to get to know the secrets of world trade. Life is sweet where there is life and a life of hope.

Not all the mills of beer and water. The Miller doesn't know the fate of the mill. If you're too lucky, you won't know yourself if you're too lucky Unfortunately, no one will know that you are the creator of his own destiny.

Happiness is that when he was young, he knew his folly. Misfortune never (rarely) came alone. Misfortune comes at night.

Misfortune tells us what misfortune makes a man wise, not rich to live and study. It will never be too old to learn. There is no shortcut to learning by asking questions.




① A friend in need is a true friend. 2. Where there is a will, there is a way.

My favorite proverb is the one who has the will. The one who has the will will will be able to overcome all kinds of challenges. As long as we can stick to our dreams and never give up.

When I saw this topic, I was very enthusiastic about English in high school and planned to participate in an English speech contest But in preparation, I found it very difficult to collect information and use language correctly. When my father noticed this proverb and encouraged me to give it to me, I would give up. I spare no effort to solve every problem with confidence.

If it was not for it, I would not have won the prize. This proverb not only enables me to face difficulties bravely, but also helps me to maintain self-confidence all the time. Therefore, those who will never forget and those who never give up will always succeed.


① 患难中的朋友才是真正的朋友②有志者事竟成,谚语++有志者事竟成,我最喜欢的谚语是有志者,有志者必能克服各种挑战,只要我们能坚持自己的梦想,永不放弃当我看到这个话题时脑海中闪过的回忆在高中的时候,我对英语很有热情,打算参加一个英语演讲比赛,但是在准备的时候,我发现收集信息和正确使用语言是非常困难的。当我爸爸注意到这句谚语并鼓励我把它给我时,我就要放弃了,我不遗余力地用信心去解决每一个问题,如果不是因为它,我不可能最终获奖,这句谚语不仅使我能够勇敢地面对困难,而且有助于我始终保持自信,因此,有志者勿忘,从不放弃的人总会成功。

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