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关于”年轻人奋斗“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Young people struggle。以下是关于年轻人奋斗的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Young people struggle

It is widely reported that the recession has left young people heavily in debt and unemployed, making them less likely to buy adult necessities, including cars. This is a big problem for car companies, they may try to attract young drivers, like most consumer companies, they like to attract young people at an early stage, but there are several reasons why it doesn't work. First of all, young people who are short of cash can't afford a car.

For young people who just graduated from college, simple driving doesn't seem like it used to be It's so cool, it's almost impossible to buy a car on your own in a few years. Surveys show that many young people prefer to live near where public transport is available, and some of them can catch up with others. Second, young people are busy getting their driver's license.

Most young people have to spend a whole day or even work overtime to support themselves because they don't have enough bandwidth to do anything else. Moreover, many young people think that the Internet may also make driving more like a convenience than a convenience. In short, when you can order almost anything online, why drive to a shopping mall? It's a fact that young people are not very interested in cars.

However, it can be a good thing for air pollution and oil crisis.





We all need to inject youth. Once I was the youngest person in the room, in IM, this is often good news. Organizations based on geriatrics often do not prosper.

Any institution must inject fresh blood regularly to maintain vitality and confidence in the future. As a matter of policy, every enterprise should be involved in it and do some high-level things. For example, a retail friend has set up a young board of directors.

His business includes his six brightest rising stars. They meet every month to discuss strategy and operation. Their duty is to challenge the statutory directors and solve the customers' concerns and opportunities.

The responsibility of customers is put on their shoulders They suddenly make a decision and feel empowered. They will learn to deal with power and make a difference. At present, those who over own almost all the assets of Western society control almost all the power levers.

At the same time, in most of Europe, more than a quarter of young people are unemployed, they feel disempowered and demoralized, but people of this size cannot be allowed to leave waste - or we risk intergenerational conflict The disruption between companies and institutions in various fields means that the old rules are no longer applicable to senior managers who have been able to cope with the past few decades. They find it impossible to adjust their thinking industries, such as retail, tourism, finance and media, facing massive innovation or irresistible decline, and many established hierarchies are falling apart. Part of the reason I like the hotel industry and start-ups is that both industries are full of young managers who are in charge of many restaurant managers and lead and run millions of pounds of operations, as are high-tech entrepreneurs.



与此同时,在欧洲大部分地区,超过四分之一的年轻人失业,他们感到被剥夺了权利,士气低落,但这种规模的人才不能被允许离开浪费——或者我们冒着代际冲突的风险 在各个领域的公司和机构之间的破坏意味着旧的规则不再适用于那些在过去几十年中游刃有余的高级管理人员发现不可能调整他们的思维行业,如零售业、旅游业,金融和媒体正面临着大规模的革新或不可抗拒的衰落,许多既定的等级制度正在分崩离析。我喜欢酒店业和初创企业的部分原因是,这两个行业都充满了年轻的管理者,他们负责许多餐厅的经理,并领导着与经营数百万英镑的运作高科技企业家也是如此。


Nowadays, more and more young people like western festivals, such as Christmas, Valentine's day, mother's day and so on, but often ignore Chinese traditional festivals. There are many reasons for this phenomenon: first, western culture is relatively strong, for example, young people usually watch Hollywood movies and western music, so young people think that western festivals are more fashionable. Second, western festivals are more human, such as father's day and mother's day, which attach great importance to family relationship, so they are more easily accepted by young people The Chinese government has added Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other festivals as legal holidays, but the impact of these festivals on teenagers is relatively weak.



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