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关于”尴尬的遭遇“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:An embarrassing encounter。以下是关于尴尬的遭遇的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:An embarrassing encounter

The annual Academy Awards ceremony always attracts the attention of the whole world. People are waiting for the live broadcast to hear the good news of their favorite movie this year. An embarrassing mistake occurred when announcing the winner of the best film.

When the director and filmmaker delivered a speech, some people realized that this letter was wrong, and the real winner was another movie. At this embarrassing moment, the real winner was another movie, The producer did not hesitate to admit that the other film was the winner. He walked away and congratulated the audience on a gentle man whose great behavior left a deep impression on the audience.

He must have lost his heart, but he respected the result and quickly accepted the fact.




I often hear people say that the taste of embarrassment is very uncomfortable. I never thought that the fragments that I could experience in the future would be different, because I personally realized that I couldn't speak that kind of "embarrassing" language. I drove to read books during rush hours on the bus.

To tell you the truth, I really don't want to squeeze into the crowded bus. If it's not for the sake of reading, it's not easy for me to get on the bus I squeezed into the car and found a place with others. I pulled an armrest.

It was hard to stand there. I just felt sick and ready to choke. Standing next to me was an old woman with a package.

Her face was red and she was desperate to get out of the atmosphere. I thought she was going to stand up and try to help her, but he couldn't do anything about it. Sitting next to me, she was sitting like a junior high school student with earphones, He chewed gum.

The scenery in the car was out of the window, as if he didn't see everything in the car. A second hand thing suddenly didn't look like yourself. The car stopped, and the aunt's body fell on the junior high school student.

The junior high school student saw his grandmother next to him. Looking out of the window, he moved from the old lady, frowned and sat on the body a little bit, as if something It didn't happen. The woman outside was lying on the ground with her feet on her side, barely standing, and sighing.

The car seemed to be dancing. It didn't go smoothly. There was a red light, "purple".

The car suddenly stopped, and the aunt's body was crooked. A junior high school student who fell heavily on the junior high school student was angry. She pushed her on the ground with a thump.

She almost fell down, and I couldn't see it, so the drum went up Courage to junior high school students politely said: "brother, aunt standing there is very uncomfortable, why do you push her", but they did not wait for junior high school students to speak, but the aunt said: "ah, you little pamper my grandson how to care about me, let him sit is, I think," who let you take care of ", the Autobots often cast different eyes, as if I was wrong, my face has been red to the ears and junior high school students They all looked at me with pride, as if they were saying, "who let you meddle with your business? I just think that time seems to be frozen. I just feel that the car is driving too slowly, and the bus stops at a non-stationary state. I can't imagine that my own kind of car will encounter such embarrassment.




When the Spring Festival is coming, many young people will go back to their hometown and spend time with their families. Their relatives will be very curious about them. They want to know about the situation of these young people, so they will ask some embarrassing questions, such as whether they have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, what their salary is, when to buy a house.

These questions are all private The light people don't want to answer. Most of them just do normal work and can't get high salary. Some don't even want to go home, just to avoid being asked such questions.

Old people should be considerate to young people. They'd better not ask such questions because it will embarrass young people and they can talk about other things.



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