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关于”技术和发展“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Technology and development。以下是关于技术和发展的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Technology and development

In today's world, more and more people are calling for the rescue of traditional culture, while others are calling for a more rapid technological revolution in the new millennium. This is why technology and tradition are so incompatible, and there is also a balance point. We can not only retain the heritage of our ancestors, but also continue to develop high technology We must admit that there is indeed a conflict between technology and tradition.

Urbanization and modernization sweeping the world have changed the way we plant corn and wheat. Although these traditional culture and old culture have obvious conflicts, what we see is not only the conflict between traditional culture and old culture, but also inevitable. In a sense, whether it is technology or tradition, technology Innovation is actually a part of the culture owned and owned by China's four great inventions.

It is impossible for Chinese people to have such a splendid and colorful traditional culture. It is advanced technology that keeps these ancient crafts and masterpieces in such a good state. Tradition is not something that has died out, but is facing great challenges.

It will gain energy and self-renewal through struggle. The good things in it will survive and develop with the new power provided by new technology (:) people should not be so pessimistic about the future of our traditional culture, because in this challenging world, things that do not survive are too sad, which will only hinder them We are moving towards a more refined pace and developed life.




With the development of science and technology, the Internet has entered our daily life. It helps us to shop online in many ways. It is a good example that we can buy what we want online without leaving home.

Shopping online can save us a lot of time. Although online shopping is convenient and fast, the price of goods may be cheaper than that in the store We still have some problems to worry about, because we can't see the goods online and we can't choose by ourselves. In addition, many advertisements on the Internet are untrustworthy, so sometimes we are not trustworthy.

Therefore, when we enjoy the convenience brought by high technology, we should be careful.




Zhuge Liang expressed his concern for his motherland and left a good reputation for generations in commemoration. An ordinary person can not have such a strong will, but it is within our power to sow the seeds of love. Who can bear the sight of a beggar kneeling on the ground and drinking the rain, but to my disappointment, I only see the expression of sympathy and sadness in the crowd.

At that moment, passers-by in a hurry appear and disappear like lightning. What beggars need is not money, but greetings, encouragement, or just faith in love. It has always been with us, but some people will never find love 。 Love is a strange thing.

It needs to be given and created. Love has penetrated into every field. The teacher sows the seeds of love.

The doctor lights the fire of life. The painter decorates the world with love. Love is the greatest wealth in one's life.

I can't forget the compassion of my little daughter. Yesterday's suffering has gradually passed. Your body has been warmed by the chain of love Our souls will no longer be lonely.

The paradise of love has given us warm sunshine and kindled the fire of love in our hearts. May every pearl chain of love be bright. I gently wiped the dirt on the book, reviewed Shakespeare's masterpiece King Lear, and then sent out a call for love from the bottom of my heart.

Therefore, I wrote down the words hidden in my heart for a long time with technology.



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