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关于”自荐书“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Self recommendation。以下是关于自荐书的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Self recommendation

The number of pages of this book, together with Greg's words and his sketches and cartoons, really makes it look like a real diary. If you are looking for a book whose protagonist is the perfect example for your children, the enjoyment of readers will be greatly increased. If you are looking for an interesting book, your children will like and agree with it.

This is a cowardly children's day I recommend Diary for teenagers and younger children a cowardly child's diary has also become the favorite of some reluctant readers. I know that a cowardly child's diary is aimed at teenagers, but it reads more like sarcasm than what children sometimes like. Greg becomes annoyingly self-centered, and readers think that dressing him up a little better is humorous It's a good book for teenagers, but if you're an adult, you won't be so humorous.

According to Greg, Greg is one of three children. His little brother Manny "never gets into trouble, even if he really should," and his brother Roderick always does the best for Greg in his diary. Greg keeps a detailed record of his daily activities.

From the first day of high school, Greg issued a warning to readers about choosing a place for class He thinks that middle school is stupid, because "you have kids like me who haven't reached the peak of growth, and you mix with these gorillas who need to shave twice a day." whether it's dealing with bullying, his friends, whether it's family life or homework, Greg is always busy finding an angle to make things better for him. The writer Jeff Ginny has done a lot of work in words and pictures. He uses words and pictures to illustrate the common Stupidity Brought by being a self-centered teenager and the interesting things that happen from it.




Self recommendation also looks forward to the job-hunting process. It's relaxed and ordinary. Compared with those who hold countless recruitment in their hands, I feel a little bit immovable.

However, on this road, I have mastered a lot and matured a lot of people who are full of ideal color to pursue practical utility. From thinking that the combination of Wei and Jin's personality is complacent to calm down and even a little down-to-earth in money worship, I really don't know such a change Is the bottom bad.




During the Warring States period, the state of Qin besieged the capital of the state of Zhao. Zhao Gong Pingyuan planned to ask the ruler of Chu for help. He wanted to choose a capable person to go with him.

During the negotiation, a man named Mao Sui proposed that because the ruler of Chu refused to send troops, Mao Sui approached him and waved a sword. The ruler of Chu agreed to help Zhao and opposed the state of Qin Self recommendation.



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