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Everyone has their own dream, I am the same, but my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not an actor, or even an industry. Maybe my dream is that adults will find it ridiculous, but this has always been my pursuit. My dream is to have a folk life.

I hope it will become a beautiful painting. It is not only a bright color, but also a dark color. I don't Excluding the painting is a part of black, but I will cherish these bleak colors.

How about a colorful painting, if it is not bleak and add color, how can it highlight American life more? Just like painting, the bright red represents the beautiful moments of life, and the dark color represents the hardship of life. When you are unhappy, you may find a flat one The beautiful road is not very good, but I don't think that if a person lives flat and light, the meaning of life is only a few decades. I want it to finally go.

Every memory is a solid one. My dream is very small and very interesting. But I still used to imagine the dying sun, the bright red clouds like Van Gogh's modern paintings, and the remaining few drops of light pink through I often think that if the morning is a start, a young, a naive, sunset is a kind of aging, or a mature, I don't want to know, I just want to immerse in a rare aimless Road, my Lord I don't know that the unique habit of walking adults at night is right.

Is it right that I put an old head on my young shoulder? Maybe it's a waste of time. You will say that I have no ambition at all. But you know, a literary family may be born at dusk.

You will say that I am too proud and slow. A full and meaningful life is missing. The idea behind the dream is dynamic Beautiful I really like to walk in the evening, let all the troubles dissipate, let the fragile life more ruddy dream, beautiful sunset, comfort me well.




I dream of a job when I am a Yang girl, I like singing and dancing, so I want to be a singer. If I become a singer, I will be able to make a living and do something I like. Of course, I will give money to schools and charity organizations and do a lot of work to help people.

This is a good opportunity. Many people do not. If I become a singer, I will be very happy.




Welcome to today's daily English radio. I'll talk about my ideal : : : : : : : : boys and girls, welcome to the daily English radio. Today, I will talk about my ideal world.

There are all kinds of jobs in the world, but everyone has his or her own ideal job. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. If I do well, I like to help children develop intellectually and emotionally.

I believe I am I think education is one of the most noble pursuits. It will make me happy and enrich my ideal. I think teaching is not an easy thing.

I must study hard from now on so that I can learn more. I will try my best to improve myself so that I can realize my dream. Thank you for your listening.


: : : 男孩和女孩, 欢迎收看今天的日常英语广播,我将谈谈我的理想 : : : : : : : : : : 男孩和女孩, 欢迎来到日常英语广播今天,我将谈谈我的理想世界上有各种各样的工作,但每个人都有他或她自己理想的工作,我一直以来梦想成为一名教师如果我做得好,我喜欢帮助孩子们在智力和情感上都得到发展,我相信我真的能对孩子们的生活产生很大的影响我认为从事教育事业是最高尚的追求之一它会让我既快乐又充实我的理想我认为教书不是一件容易的事,我必须从现在开始努力学习,以便我能学到更多我会尽一切努力提高自己,使我能实现我的梦想谢谢你的倾听。

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