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关于”老子上善若水“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Lao Tzu is as good as water。以下是关于老子上善若水的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Lao Tzu is as good as water

Note: in this section, you can write a comment in a few minutes, which says: "respect others, you will be respected." you can give examples to illustrate your point of view. You should write at least a few words, but not more than the old saying, "respect others, you will be respected." this sentence shows that respect is mutual, which reminds me that respecting others is our win The premise of self respect can be explained by several reasons. Obviously, those who may be respected always respect others first.

For example, Confucius, the great philosopher in ancient China, once visited his teacher. Although Laozi was famous, Confucius was very polite and respected Laozi. Laozi had different attitudes towards Confucius.

In addition, no matter whether you have money or not, people who need to be respected must be respected. Respecting others is the only way to get respect. Please remember that respect is mutual.

For me, a contemporary college student, respect for others has always been the principle that I adhere to in the process of getting along with others.




The Jade Emperor ordered the heavenly soldiers to punish him, but no one could subdue him. So Laozi threw his diamond jade bracelet on monkey king, who was busy fighting with Erlang God. The Jade Emperor smashed the jade bracelet on monkey king.

The Jade Emperor wanted to kill him, but he didn't use knife, axe, fire or thunder It hurt him a little, so I put him into the eight trigrams furnace to burn him to ashes. The stove is made up of eight trigrams, Kan, gen, Zhen, Xun and Li. Kun and DUIs squeeze themselves into the Xun palace.

Because Xun is the wind, there can be no fire where there is wind, but the fire has been burning for 40 days, and the smoke has burned his eyes red. Laozi thinks that the great sage must be ashes, so he opens the furnace, and the great sage jumps out of the furnace with his crooked stick He knocked down all the soldiers and left. He had a pair of golden eyes.




Laozi is not only a commercial phenomenon, but also the epitome of history. It is widely welcomed for its unique arts and crafts. However, due to rigid traditional thinking, loose management or overstaffing, some of these enterprises have different views on whether Laozi is Laozi.

For me, the key is to preserve and develop Laozi. Laozi, as an old brand, is very important to traditional culture and national commerce. It enjoys a wide reputation in the society and has a good evaluation.

Moreover, it also carries the trust of customers and is a kind of precise intangible cultural heritage. In the market economy society, the city without Laozi Hao will lose its unique style of historical city, and Laozi Hao satisfies people But it is undeniable that Laozi Hao is paying for his life under the influence of market economy. The old brands are fading out of their outdated ideas.

The reason for the decline of Laozi brand is that its products are outdated and its management is backward. We should not only keep Laozi brand, but also protect and develop it first, establish its supporting system, advanced technology, and management Automatic intellectual property rights and modern organization are the key. The development of Laozi should develop new products more suitable for modern society and expand market share on the basis of maintaining traditional characteristics.

Laozi is the most important embodiment of historical and cultural city. In urban planning, it is necessary to retain its original geographical position and improve its technology and equipment with the government's investment. Thirdly, it is suggested that Laozi is an intangible asset to be protected.

In this way, Laozi Hao is not only beneficial to the cultural landscape, but also can play its own commercial function. Laozi is the carrier of traditional culture and art and the symbol of national history. We should protect it and develop it with effective methods, which is not only the needs of the market, but also the requirement of culture.



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