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关于”诚实的价值是什么题目“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:What is the value of honesty。以下是关于诚实的价值是什么题目的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What is the value of honesty

Do Americans have any moral problems? This is a very good question. Many people insist that the views on right and wrong are just personal opinions. Before calling on Americans to return to traditional moral values, William gibbeneter, the Secretary of education, edited the book of virtue in.

Bennett believed that great moral stories could be built. Bennett's success shows that many Americans still believe in morality Values, but what are moral values? First of all, the moral values of the United States are the same as those of any culture. In fact, many aspects of morality are universal, but the stories and traditions taught to them are unique to each culture.

What's more, culture influences the way people display these virtues. One of the most fundamental moral values for Americans is honesty. The famous legend about George Washington and the cherry tree clearly tells this value.

Little George cut down his father's favorite cherry tree when he tried his new ax. When his father asked him about it, George said, "I can't tell a lie. I did it with my axe." George was not punished, but was praised for telling the truth.

Sometimes Americans were honest and frank Another virtue that Americans respect is perseverance. Remember Aesop's fable about turtles and rabbits? There was a competition in which the Hare thought he could easily win, so he took a nap, but the tortoise finally won because he did not give up another story about a small train that had to climb Up a steep hill. The mountain is very steep, and it's hard for a small train to climb over, but the train keeps pulling and saying, "I think I can," and it's finally over the top of the mountain, "I think I can, I think I can," the happy little train cackled.





What is the value of honesty? The value of honesty is far more important than money, beauty, or even intelligence. As a person, you should act according to what you say, otherwise you will lose the trust of others. No one likes to make friends with cheaters.

No one is willing to give the task to an untrustworthy person. In short, the value of honesty lies in a person's business card, which reflects his personality and quality. A person with personality is always respected by people, and their work is very reliable We often believe in honest people because they are actually what they look like, and their appearance is in harmony with their heart.

Nowadays, more and more corporate wealth is regarded as a sign of success, so the value of measuring people's behavior is more complex. Some people try to earn money, some people insist on their belief whether they are poor or rich. Honesty is the most important quality of a person.

If money is regarded as the first class, nothing is more serious than money for those young people with unsound mind Well, they may be led to a life and death wrong path in the business field. For a student, this is also an important factor. If a student's doctoral dissertation is cheated, it must be a fatal wrong imagination in his learning career.

Even if the students start cheating, what kind of social environment will be businessmen cheating Guest, children cheat parents, workers cheat boss, and taxpayers conceal their true situation. In order to avoid tax, the worst thing is that the head of state deceives all citizens, peace, guarantee, medical treatment, etc. if this happens, who should we look for to provide a clean environment for our children? How dare we tell our children "the wolf boy" story.




Family values from respecting the old and loving the young, building a harmonious family and other aspects of my views on family values, no doubt, honesty is one of the best qualities any citizen should have no matter what they do. We should not only keep an honest attitude towards the people, because cheating in exams is dishonest behavior, which may lead to misunderstanding between teachers and students, which is not conducive to Students' moral development and academic improvement, therefore, we should adhere to this view: anything bad should adhere to this view: although it is small, it should never be done, and always try to be honest.



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