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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I'm very happy to stand here and give you a short speech. People's life is a process of growth.

In fact, standing here is a kind of growth. If a person's life must be composed of multiple choices, then I will grow up with these choices. Once I hope to go to university in the future, anyway, you know I came here.

Now I want to know what my future will be like? When I came to this school, I said to myself: This is my near future, everything starts here. I want to learn to be a man, a complete person, he has a good body, can undertake important tasks, have independent thinking, open mind, centralized thinking, have the ability to judge right and wrong, have a perfect job once my teacher said: you are not sewing, you are a stylist, you will never forget that you should show people your thoughts, not your mind Handicraft I will put my personality and my interest and ability in my study. In this process, if I can realize this future, I will combine learning with doing.

I think I really grow up, and I firmly believe that family, friendship and love will be perfect and happy in the future. So, the future may be a good wish. Let's make up our minds, stick to it and enjoy it By our lives.


女士们,先生们,早上好,我很高兴站在这里给大家做一个简短的演讲。人的生命是一个成长的过程,其实我站在这里是一种成长,如果一个人的生命必须由多种选择构成,那么我就伴随着这些选择成长,一旦我希望将来能进大学读书,不管怎样,你知道我来到这里,现在我想知道我的未来会是什么样的?当我来到这所学校时,我对自己说:这是我不远的将来,一切都从这里开始。我要学会成为一个男人,一个完整的人,他有一个好的身体,可以承担重要的任务,有独立的思想,开放的思想,集中的思想,有判断是非的能力,有一份完美的工作 曾经我的老师说:你不是缝纫,你是造型师永远不会忘记你应该向人们展示的是你的思想,而不是手工艺我会把我的个性与我的兴趣和能力放在我的学习中,在这个过程中,如果我能实现这个未来,我会把学与做结合起来我想我真的长大了,我深信亲情、友情和爱情会在未来完美而幸福 如何说未来也许是个美好的愿望让我们下定决心,坚持下去,一定会好好享受我们的生活。


"We are reading the first section of the first chapter of a book whose pages are infinite - I don't know who wrote it, but I've always liked them to remind us that the future can be anything we want to create, that we can create anything we can imagine out of a mysterious, hazy future, just as a sculptor carves a statue on an unformed stone If we plant a good seed, we are all farmers; if our seed is poor and full of weeds, we will harvest a good harvest; if we do not plant anything, we will harvest a useless crop, we will harvest nothing. I hope that the future will be better than the past. I do not want it to be polluted by mistakes and mistakes.

History is full of all of us Care about the future, because we are going to spend the memories of our lives there. The past is past, and nothing we do can change it. The future is in front of us.

Everything we do has an impact, and every day brings new areas. In our families and businesses, if we recognize them, we are just making progress in every area of human endeavor The beginning of.




After a hundred years of "bell", a loud ring awakened me from my dream. I looked at the calendar beside my bed. You and I have been sleeping for a hundred years, but now I look from all directions, "Why are there decorations in the house, how much furniture?" I suddenly said to myself a slight rustle, just like furniture suddenly appeared in front of me, I was eager to go out and have a look outside The world is like this, but it can't open the door.

I'm so angry that I get lost in a fog and kick the door with all my strength. At this time, I click and say, "master, as long as you say 'please open the door' on the list, I can't understand the voice:" please open the door. "I really open the door and say," this is my housekeeping skill.

If there are bad people coming, I will trap him, while the police will ”I just went down the elevator. A beautiful robot was given to me. She said her name was Kaby.

It was my robot service. I told her, "please take me to happy camp." she took me to a happy camp. There were many children shouting, crying, laughing and playing with all kinds of novel toys.

The service robot stood by and looked at their little master, and I found that there was one on the bed Therefore, I have crowded for dozens of minutes. I came to the office to tell stories and listen to the robot story telling with the children. About an hour later, I was hungry.

I wanted to find a restaurant service robot. My business card was more than mine. I took my hand and said, "little master, I'll take you to the door of the restaurant." I came to the clean and bright restaurant, and the food was served Delicious, it has been a long time since the original card on the table has arranged lunch for me.

After I finished my meal home, I opened the window to breathe, and a grain of sand came into my eyes. Hey, how can I still be a calendar on the table in bed? It's a dream.



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