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关于”节俭清廉“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Thrifty and honest。以下是关于节俭清廉的高考英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Thrifty and honest

Only when people live in the society can people earn money to live today. In China, there are many rich people who drive beautiful cars, live in big houses, especially waste money in restaurants and get drunk. With the progress of science and technology, there are still many poor people in our society, which is too bad.

Many social problems have been solved, such as food shortage, water shortage, unemployment, pollution, etc. However, in order to maintain their normal life, some people spend too much money on clothes or travel. They often borrow money from friends or parents, and even eat at their parents' home at the end of each month There is no doubt that these people need to learn to save money.

If they do, they will get rid of the harsh life based on my personal experience and save money to help me solve my computing problems, because I realize that my parents are unrealistically buying relatively expensive toys. I spent 100 yuan on a small portable game machine powered by two batteries, and I spent three months I bought it from my friends. Unfortunately, my first entertainment machine was finally destroyed by my father.

I think it's great when you can buy what you want. I always insist on saving money until I buy PSP, Xbox, iPod, PSV and so on. All the things are bought by saving money.

Although by the way, I lost a lot of opportunities to taste snacks, but if you have a kind heart You can save money and donate some to the needy.




No one who is thrifty will become rich sooner or later. Why? Because he doesn't spend unnecessary money to accumulate, he will surely make a fortune. I don't like such people who spend money wrong.

They don't know that luxury is a bad thing. It can only make them happy temporarily. Thrift makes the poor rich rich.

Luxury makes the rich poor poor.


没有一个节俭的人迟早会成为富人的,为什么因为他不再花那些不必要的钱一点一点地积累起来,他一定会发财的 我不喜欢这样的人把钱花错了他们不知道奢侈是一件坏事它只能使他们暂时快乐,节俭使穷人富有,奢侈使富人贫穷。


Look at the surging situation, like a mighty Yellow River, a vast natural color in the Yellow River which she nurtures millions of Chinese people. However, it is so pure that there is no impurity. The original charm of the Yellow River is now, although it has a kind of startling momentum, it is far better to listen to her surging river, which makes people enjoy talking about it Amazing, amazing Chinese people have always had a kind of mother nurturing me, I want to ask you: why ungrateful? You will know that you are hurt by your mother, and now she is really Canzhuang.

All this has led to, ah, with the gradual prosperity of our motherland, how many "vicious" supporters have expanded the factory to the Yellow River, and they discharged them into the Yellow River. She has become more and more turbid and unpleasant, but people are not willing to give up and throw garbage into the river, and there are people everywhere Spitting, the more serious pollution of the Yellow River has also harmed ourselves. Considering the close relationship between people and the Yellow River, washing clothes, cooking, heating and even simple drinking water are inseparable from the Yellow River.

If we don't want to wake up, we will suffer. Because of the poisoning and death caused by water pollution, I don't think the Yellow River has caused this tragic scene, wise man We should vigorously promote the protection of the innocent mother river. We should prohibit the discharge of harmful substances in the factory and refuse to throw garbage into it.

Now spit everywhere and take remedial measures in time. We can not wait until the tragedy happens before we begin to repent. If we work together, the Yellow River will be "rescued".



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