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关于”古代各职位“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Ancient posts。以下是关于古代各职位的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Ancient posts

The other day, some of my classmates and I visited a famous museum. In the museum, I saw many precious historical relics rediscovered by archivists. My favorite is an ancient sword with a brass handle.

It looks like a dragon. Archivists estimate that it may belong to an ancient king. I looked at these antiques and felt that I was traveling in ancient times after passing through the time and space tunnel.





One of your foreign friends is going to visit China and write an email to recommend a place. Dear George, I heard that you are planning a sightseeing trip in China. I just came back from a place.

I believe you will like it. That is Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Xi'an, which was called Chang'an in ancient times.

It is the capital of seven dynasties, so it is everywhere It's the ancient ruins that I stayed there for a week. Although I don't have the chance to see half of them, the main attractions are the terracotta warriors guarding China's first emperor's tomb, the Flying Goose Pagoda and the Banpo prehistoric villa. There are many modern hotels and restaurants in Xi'an, but they are not particularly cheap, so I take a lot of money.

I hope you have a lot of money. Interestingly, I have your Li Ming sightseeing tour. It's very good to return to the capital of Shaanxi Province.

Chang'an in the old Dynasty was full of half the main scenic spots of ancient relics, the mausoleum of the terracotta warriors, the flying wild goose pagoda and the Banpo prehistoric village promoted a large number of them Modern hotel restaurant is very cheap and interesting. 1. I am very happy to recommend Mr.

Zhang Wei, my former student, as the candidate for this position. There is no doubt that miss XiaoLongNu has been fully prepared for the position she applied for. I support her application without reservation.

If you can consider his application ■ word ■ word ■ word ■ PDF ■ word ■ word ■ PDF ■ word ■ PDF ■ PDF 2, I will be very grateful.


D指令:其中之一你的外国朋友打算去中国观光写封电子邮件推荐一个地方亲爱的乔治,我听说你正在计划在中国观光旅行,我刚从一个地方回来,我相信你会喜欢它的,那就是陕西省省会西安,西安最棒的旅游目的地之一,古称长安,是七朝都城,所以这里到处都是我在那里待了一个星期的古代遗迹,虽然没有机会看到其中的一半,但主要景点是守卫中国第一个皇帝墓的兵马俑,飞雁塔和半坡史前别墅。西安有很多现代化的酒店和餐馆,但它们并不特别便宜,所以带上很多钱,我希望你也有有趣的是,我有你的李明观光之旅很好的返回定都陕西省优秀的旅游目的地长安在旧时的朝代充满了古代遗迹的半个主要景点兵马俑卫士陵墓飞雁塔半坡史前村庄促进了大量的现代化酒店餐厅特别便宜有趣1我很高兴向您推荐我以前的学生张伟先生,作为该职位的候选人,毫无疑问,小龙女小姐已经为她申请的职位做好了充分的准备,我支持她的申请,没有保留。如果您能考虑他的申请■word■word■word■PDF■word■word■PDF■word■PDF■PDF 2,我将不胜感激。


Use less paper and print on both sides as much as possible. In addition, you can buy recycled paper at a little more than standard paper at most office supply stores. You can also deal with spam.

I don't know how much junk mail will be sent to your home every week to collect seven days' spam. Then use a stack of books to persuade your parents not to delete yourself from the mailing list. You look great today, you do well, we're proud of you, I'm very happy with your work.

It's a very good place, you look sharp / / you always know the right thing to say you're very eloquent and easy to go = you've done well, the food is delicious, everything is delicious, your son / daughter is lovely and lovely, I appreciate your work and I respect it Your work, you have a good personality, you have a good sense of humor, your Chinese is amazing, your English is incredible, you have a very successful business, you are very professional, your company is very impressive, you are very smart, I envy you, your wife is very charming, you are a lovely couple, you are really talented, you look good in that color, you have very good Taste you look like a million dollars = you look great (the meaning of failure, Robert H. Schuler, failure doesn't mean you're a failure, it does mean you haven't succeeded, failure doesn't mean you've got nothing, it means you've learned something, failure doesn't mean you're a fool, it means you have a lot of beliefs, failure doesn't mean you're disgraced, it means you have a lot of beliefs It does mean that you are willing to try to fail. It does mean that you have to do it in different ways.

Failure does not mean that you are inferior. It does mean that you are not perfect. Failure does not mean that you have wasted your life.

It means that you have a reason to start again. Failure does not mean that you should give up. It means that you must work harder and fail unintentionally It means that you will never succeed.

Failure does not mean that God has abandoned you, but that God has a better idea.




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