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关于”防御沙尘暴“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Protect against sandstorms。以下是关于防御沙尘暴的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Protect against sandstorms

Sandstorms are tearing up in the dark. They are incredibly hard, flying sand and rocks, whistling wind, yellow sand dancing in the sky all over the sky, trucks falling into the mire, stopping the sky filled with dark clouds, heading for the collapse of the world, and collapsing with the improvement of the quality of life, especially the sandstorm at the turn of the century, which has aroused people's high attention to the natural environment, This is not only because sandstorms are frequent and ferocious, but also have a wide range of impacts. In addition to the northwest, North China, big waves, southwest of Heilongjiang Province and yellow sand, especially in a sandstorm sweeping Beijing, the coming sandstorm has caused many flight delays in the past five days, and even some people have disappeared in the sandstorm.




I come from Inner Mongolia. My hometown has suffered from severe sandstorms and storms. It is really terrible: when it comes, the sky is likely to turn yellow.

On the contrary, all the lightning turns blue, and strong wind will follow. If you stand in the wind for 30 minutes, everyone will rush home. Your hair needs to be washed three times after the disaster because of overgrazing Grassland turns into desert.

Sandstorm will cause great damage to farm animals. It will spread the desert, kill livestock, paralyze traffic and cancel the plane. What's more, the plants in the farmland will be buried, and there are some ways to prevent it: planting grass and trees according to the terrain, and looking for international support is good news for iqina Mongolia and Japan will cooperate with their fathers at the International Conference on women, prevention and control and fathers' work in May, Liu Tuo, director of the sandstorm Control Office of the State Forestry Administration, said at a meeting on sand control and prevention in Beijing that China, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan have formulated a general layout for controlling sandstorms.




Explanation: in this part, you can write a composition about sandstorm in a few minutes. You should write at least a few words and write your composition according to the outline given below: sandstorm is becoming an urgent problem and possible solution. The undeniable fact of sandstorm is that sandstorm has become a serious problem facing us in Northern China and all over the world There are reports of sandstorm attacks.

In fact, the spread of sandstorms has seriously affected people's daily life and hindered economic development. The causes of sandstorm are various, but the following may be the most critical point. Overgrazing and logging have destroyed the vegetation of the original green mountains and green fields.

Therefore, the desert began to spread and became the main source of sandstorms in cities Bare construction sites are also the main culprit of sandstorms. Before the situation deteriorates, effective measures must be taken immediately; secondly, relevant laws must be formulated and strictly implemented to protect vegetation; secondly, in-depth development, appropriate laws and vigilant public should be used to extensively and persistently carry out the campaign to raise people's awareness of environmental protection. Sandstorms have become the weather of the past Time issues.



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