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关于”对待老人“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Treat the elderly。以下是关于对待老人的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Treat the elderly

I think that only when the old people meet in spiritual essence, their children are the real filial piety. Therefore, in life, the children should obey the old people as much as possible, and the heart of the elderly, so that the spiritual comfort of the elderly will try to meet the needs of the elderly in material terms, so that the basic necessities of life of the elderly can be protected. The elderly hope their children The spiritual need is greater than the material demand.

The so-called spiritual need is that many children want to communicate with them and make your life full of love. In addition, the elderly also need the respect and treatment of children.




Born in rural Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson spent her whole life at her parents' home, only to discover that she wrote like a possessed person, often writing a poem a day. It was during this period that her life was transformed into a myth of Amherst's shrinking. She stayed in her room and sometimes refused to see visitors.

She began to wear only white clothes, which increased her eccentric reputation. They decided to interpret Dickinson's life with traditional romantic plots. Biographers missed her unique life style, She struggles to create a female life that has not been imagined by the culture she lives in.

Dickinson is not an innocent, lovelorn and fragile girl. Dickinson was deeply moved by Dickinson myth and popularized by William Luce's play the beauty of Amherst: her decision to close the door. In the age of Amherst society, her house became a kind of magical kingdom, where she could freely exert her poetic talent.

Her seclusion was not the result of a failed love affair, but part of a more general pattern of abandonment through which she argued with Puritan fathers in her quest for self sovereignty, attacking their unhappy Calvinist doctrine, their stern patriarchal God, and their true female body with wit and irony The rigid idea of share -- William Luce bell of Amherst.





My attitude towards China's aging has entered an aging society in accordance with international standards. Now the society is facing the problem of solving the problem of the elderly. First, the society should create a social environment of respect and care for the elderly; second, the combination of family care, community service and social welfare are the necessary conditions to help and support the elderly in China.

How to deal with this phenomenon directly affects everyone. In the future, in addition to helping them, community help and family care should be combined. Most of the elderly can help our society and family.



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