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关于”写自己的目标和抱负“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Write about your goals and aspirations。以下是关于写自己的目标和抱负的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write about your goals and aspirations

My ambition I have a dream. I want to be a singer when I grow up. You know why my reason is, first of all, I sing crazily.

I like beautiful rhythm. It makes me refresh and comfortable. I like acting.

Every time I stand on the stage to show my talent, I feel excited. So my ambition is to be a singer in the future. I hope my voice can give you all My ambition is to be a musician when I was a child.

I have a lot of dreams. But being a musician is what I want to do in music class. I pay more attention to teachers' teaching.

I think musicians have a greater impact on people's thinking and behavior. There are a lot of crimes and chaos in the society, because many criminals come from family breakdown and human greed, If I can become a musician, I must be a glorious and useful person and educate them with music. Our life goal is to entertain and help others and achieve harmonious happiness.

I hope my ambition and dream can be realized. I am willing to study hard and become a musician in the future.




It is not difficult to imagine that a world without ambition is likely to be a more friendly one: no demands, no frictions, no disappointments, and people will have time to reflect on these jobs, because they are not for themselves, but for collective competition. They will never enter into conflicts, tensions will be eliminated, creative pressures will be in the past, and art will no longer be troublesome, but pure Life expectancy will increase because fewer people will die of heart disease or stroke. Anxiety will disappear for a long time.

Ambition is far away from people's heart. What a boring life. There is a strong view that success is a myth.

Is ambition false? Does this mean that success doesn't really exist, that achievement is fundamentally empty, that men and women's efforts are meaningless along with the power of movements and events. Obviously, not all success is worthy of respect, and not all the ambitions worthy of cultivation, whether they exist or not, are all in one and soon learn themselves. But even the most cynical people will secretly admit that success exists and achievement is important.

The real myth is that men and women's behavior is useless, otherwise they will adopt it Take a view that may undermine it, in its meaning, in order to eliminate all the pursuits, the sense of achievement, and the concern for future generations, we do not choose to be born, we do not choose our parents, we do not choose our historical era, the country in which we were born, or the immediate environment in which we grew up, and most of us do not choose to die, or the time or time of death But in this world of no choice, we do choose how to live: brave or cowardly, glorious or disgraceful, we decide purposefully or with the flow what is important and what is insignificant, we decide what makes us meaningful either what we do or what we refuse to do, but no matter how indifferent the universe is to our choices and decisions These choices and decisions are ours. Let us decide our choices. When we decide and choose, so our lives are finally formed.

Forming our own destiny is the meaning of ambition.




My ambition is to be a teacher, because I love the children I want to be with them, and then I feel happy and young. The most important thing is that I can teach them a lot of things. I will tell them that love is very important.

I will try to love the people around you, and then others will be friendly to you. The world will become more and more interesting. Do you think that in order to achieve the goal, I will study hard Habitual.



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