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关于”勇气的小故事题目“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:A short story title of courage。以下是关于勇气的小故事题目的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A short story title of courage

Every class in our school has its own literary community. Recently, a short story writing competition was held in grade two of senior high school. The results were encouraging.

Many articles stood out and were selected to participate in the exhibition. In their stories, some students painted beautiful pictures for their future, and some students expressed their desire for the future. Some of them boldly wrote a story and commented on the most sensitive topic for middle school students.

They wrote: a large number of people, especially the elderly, think it is not good to give up this point, but I do not agree with the other In his story, he said, "I once met a poor old woman who was driven out of the house by her daughter-in-law because she had no income to support herself.". If she is old, how cruel and cruel her daughter-in-law is, assuming that her children will treat her in the same way, what will happen to her and how she will feel. The students freely express themselves in their stories, expressing the feelings of love, hate and jealousy.

Although we are not mature, we have learned to observe problems with our own eyes. In any case, we are On the way to maturity, we not only desire to understand the society, but also want to be understood.




When I was very young, I liked reading novels and reading all kinds of detective cartoons. I had a little dream. I wanted to be a writer, so I wrote some short stories, but I was very shy and never let others see me constantly revising stories.

When I was ready, I hoped my best friend would become my first reader.




Once, I put forward some views on novels, novellas and short stories. I said, "when I think of a short story, the word" scenery "is the strongest thought in my mind. When I think of a novella, the word" story "appears most frequently in my mind.

However, when I put my mind on the novel, it is" story " The word "destiny" always deeply moves my heart in my conceit. Some of my novels are the stories of people's lives and the scenery of people's hearts. "Sometimes, I also think, in the current era of information explosion, when I am attracted by such thinking, do people still need to read novels? A question often appears in my mind: why some people have experienced the speed of maglev train, but still like to watch those romantic and breathtaking old movies, and these are the slow driving speed in the train carriage.

The reason is very simple, because the depth of human soul is the most difficult to reach, and the scenery of human soul is the most mottled scenery in the world, reaching the deep heart of people Therefore, the excellent books about this hope have the ability to overcome time and speed. I don't believe that my novels can reach such a depth, but it will be the eternal pursuit of my writing ().



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