关于生活习惯的英语作文_habits and customs 2篇

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关于生活习惯的英语作文_habits and customs 2篇

关于”生活习惯“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:habits and customs。以下是关于生活习惯的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:habits and customs

It's Laba on Tuesday, the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. The taste of Laba porridge fills the Chinese kitchen once again. Restaurants and snack bars in Beijing began serving this seasonal dish last week, and it is expected that sales will peak on Tuesday.

Citizens can also eat a bowl of Laba porridge free of charge at many Buddhist temples. As the tradition of celebrating Laba Festival originated from the Buddhist culture of Guanghua temple in central Beijing, more than 20 workers and volunteers began cooking Laba porridge in 12 large pots on Monday night, which they expect to make every Tuesday Laba porridge is distributed to thousands of temple residents in a community in Hangzhou for cooking and eating. Laba porridge is held on Laba Festival, the eighth day of December of the lunar calendar.

In January this year, an ancient and famous drugstore in Hangzhou has the tradition of providing Laba porridge for free. Nutritious Chinese herbal medicine is added to the dishes of Laba to prepare a xylitol formula for diabetic patients The drugstore hopes to receive some tourists on this special day. Residential areas in Chinese cities unite to cook Laba porridge and eat Qi Guifeng.

Zhang Meiqin, a neighbor of Qi, said she was the organizer of such a public dinner in Hangzhou. She called several elderly people in the community to buy materials and serve porridge in the community's public yard. "We'll do it together It's a good thing to have a good time.

We are very happy that our neighbor can have a bowl of hot porridge, "said Zhang Meiqin, a neighbor of Qi.




The founders of the new colonies, no matter what they originally conceived of a Utopia of human virtue and happiness, always believed that, in their earliest practical needs, a portion of virgin land was allocated as a graveyard. According to this provision, as another part of the prison, we can safely believe that Boston's ancestors built the first one somewhere near Cornhill The prismatic house, almost with them on Isaac Johnson's ground, marked the first tomb around his grave, and later became the core of all the assembled graves in the old cemetery of the king's Chapel - it is certain that after about 15 or 20 years of settlement in the town, the wooden prison has been stained with climate and other signs of age, which makes it The beetle's eyebrows and dark front face were darker. In the new world, the rust on the heavy ironwork on the oak door was older than anything else, just like all the things related to crime.

Before this ugly building, it seemed that it had never seen a young age. Between it and the wheel tracks in the street, there was a grass covered with burdock and pig grass Apple tree, this ugly plant, obviously found something in the soil. This soil has long bred the black flowers of civilized society.

It is a prison, but on one side of the gate, it almost takes root in the door. In this month of June, it is covered with a kind of exquisite gem. It can be imagined that it can emit their fragrance when prisoners enter the prison, Fragile beauty for him, for the convicted criminals, when he goes to the natural doom, can pity and treat him kindly.




Chinese etiquette is different from other countries in China. People first meet and shake hands when they eat. Except for soup, all the food on the table uses chopsticks to make sure that the food can make the eyes of chopsticks move.

Sometimes the Chinese host will put the food into your bowl or plate with chopsticks. This is a polite expression. The appropriate way is to eat what, and then say how delicious it is.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can You can politely say thank you and then leave the food there. You won't beat your bowl with chopsticks and eggs on their bowl, so it's impolite. In restaurants, when food comes too slowly, if you are in someone else's house, people will knock on their bowls, which is like insulting the chef.



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