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生简单的英语书信_A simple letter 2篇/

关于”生简单的书信“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:A simple letter。以下是关于生简单的书信的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A simple letter

Dear Tom, do yoemember my name is Liu Ming, the boy who came to visit England and stayed in your home for a month. It's only seven months since I left England, but I still remember your wonderful memory. I still remember you and your family.

I miss you so much. After returning to China, I am now at home in Beijing. I have been in the UK for a month and then went back to school to study.

My English has been greatly improved. Of course, thank you and your family for your help, so I ranked first in all the English tests in our class. Now we have finished school and are having winter vacation next year June 6 is the Chinese new year, or Spring Festival.

My parents are busy preparing for the Spring Festival. I know you are very interested in Chinese culture. You can stay with my family next month.

I believe this trip will be very exciting. If you are interested in the trip that I am looking forward to, please tell me to see you again, your sincerity, Ming.




It's cold here, it's cold, you don't belong, you're gone. Your face is pale and blue, your eyes are smiling with tears, and the last word of goodbye whispers. My heart sank down, tears gushed out of hot summer's cheerful cocktail.

You took my hand and fled into another world. You sat behind my side hair, cold, suffocating miles floating in lemonade Your face is soft and smooth. Your face looks like a magazine cover.

My head is spinning. You hold my hand. You dance in the crazy light.

The fragrance is elegant. Laughter covers greetings. The crowd is busy shaking hands.

You stand there, your eyes are watching my sparks tremble, brighter than God's piece. I feel dizzy. Although we are not together, we are together Ziende, you said that you would wait for me by the Alps, and we would ski on the snow belt flying in the sky.

I didn't answer, but I said goodbye to flying with you. The plane left, I suddenly tasted my pain, I know I was stupid, you are in my heart, I should not believe that one day, I will tell you, I feel all the ideas are struggling to confess, somehow hesitated, and finally continued my fool role in flinchingi, holding on to my girlish pride, but secretly indulged in your promise, snow fell on me In front of you, in your arms, I was held up the Christmas bell and died in the pattering rain. From hell came Satan's tearful smile to me, which was swallowed up by the darkness.

How can I trace your hair to wipe your tears? I held out my hand, there was nothing but a drop of rain.




The last three candidates in the contemporary glamour talent show "build the scene, we can capture the candidates' personality and style". Then, the last question of the three candidates, Li, Wang and Liu, was announced: "who do you think is more elegant? Please integrate the content and meaning of the materials to reflect your thinking and choice." a candidate must choose from three characters, This explains most of the reasons and his own thinking process.



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