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关于”论述开心“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:On happiness。以下是关于论述开心的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:On happiness

Charles Darwin's origin of species human origin and sexual choice (Charles Dickens) (great expectation natural selective choice unionism disastrous materialization comparison maternal instinct male competitive tendency Victorian period can be regarded as a watershed in literary history before the Victorian age, due to the progress of science, people tended to look at it from a religious point of view Waiting for the world, the Victorian era began to change its attitude and began to think from a scientific point of view. Darwin is the author of the book "the origin of species and the origin of human beings and the relationship between selection and sex". The introduction of the theory of evolution has triggered a heated debate.

To a certain extent, to this day, this paper still uses Darwin's natural selection and gender selection to study Dickens' great future. The introduction briefly discusses Darwin's evolutionary theory and its application in Dickens' great expectations. In the first chapter, natural selection and sexual selection are deeply studied.

Specifically speaking, the evolution of organic organisms is to adapt to the environment, and males of all species try to lure females for reproduction. The second chapter discusses the difference between unionism and catastrophes, how Darwin challenged the idea of progress, and how natural selection was applied to the concept of materialism. In addition, he also reviews Darwin's observation that organic life can change itself due to survival pressure.

Readers of Dickens' novels see the impact of environmental changes on characters. Chapter three focuses on Darwinian's gender selection, including the comparison between parthenogenesis and sexual selection, the supremacy of women in the animal world and the dominance of men in human society, and the maternal origin of women Finally, in the conclusion, the author summarizes the gender ideology revealed by Darwin and Dickens in their works, and discusses Dickens' novels from the perspective of Darwin's evolutionism. We can see how Victorian literature and science are integrated.





(happiness) happiness means different things to different people. For example, some students think that if they have a lot of money or a lot of property, they will be very happy. They believe that if they have money, they can do whatever they want.

Some students think that they should be healthy and enjoy what they like. Students hope to get a lot of wealth from their parents so that they don't have to work hard. They can have all the views I don't agree with.

We can't buy many important things with money, such as health, happiness and knowledge. I attach importance to knowledge, which makes me happy because I can use knowledge Although different people attach different importance to happiness, my wealth of happiness lies in my study.





Teachers pay little attention to the failure of those schools, assuming that academic failure means failure of everything. What do you think of this attitude? Write a short argumentative paper (about the text) to explain your point of view. Since the s, the relationship between academic failure and sustainable development has been a hot topic.

Some teachers emphasize that academic failure will deprive students of the opportunity to continue their college education To bring about disastrous changes in his future career. However, through a lot of practice and observation, their statements do have many limitations. The views held by these arguers do contain the elements of truth.

For example, repeated academic failure will certainly make people frustrated, so they often cast a shadow on his emotions. However, these arguers often ignore the other two basic aspects: one is that they do not consider the possibility of many people, although they do not consider the possibility of many people However, they had poor academic performance in school, but outstanding in other fields. Their original academic research and research considered that Charles Darwin often failed in his medical research.

He later became the founder of natural selection and evolution. In this sense, academic setbacks are not always synonymous. Secondly, teachers' opinions do not provide enough data In order to reduce the exact correlation between academic ability and future achievements, any further conclusion of solving problems must be based on in-depth investigation.

When Albert Einstein was young, he could not complete some simple calculations well, but he finally established the founder of relativity. For the above reasons, "academic failure means everything is lost." After careful consideration, the final conclusion is groundless. There is almost no credible evidence from these teachers to support their claim that academic success is the core of their career.

These teachers need to provide clear evidence, sufficient data and conduct a thorough causal analysis of substitute pets.



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