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关于”描写校园美景“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Describe the beauty of the campus。以下是关于描写校园美景的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe the beauty of the campus

Our school is located in the north of Guangmei road in Yangcun Town, which is not perfect in appearance. Our campus has a large teaching building, a variety of flowers and trees, but also naive and lively primary school students. It is a beautiful place.

In spring, the trees pull out new branches and grow light green leaves. In the grass on the playground, we also secretly find the head on the grass, on the East playground Kapok tree is full of red flowers, like a fire burning all over litchi, longan tree is a flower, attracted a lot of bees, bees made a buzzing sound, with colorful flowers embellished the summer campus, the tree with onion cages, thick branches and leaves sealed the playground of two old trees, like two eastward opened green fabric umbrella, like to split to us The smiling face of litchi and the fruit hidden in longan leaves caused the students to watch autumn every day. The leaves of the old locust tree turned yellow, the fig of Ficus microcarpa, the golden leaves and the jasmine orange were not afraid of the arrival of autumn wind.

The grass on the playground was also changed into new clothes. The students all like to play on the lawn for the winter, and the northwest wind whistled through the treetops, while the trees in the campus were still alive For a long time on the playground, the azaleas were forced to leave the beautiful flowers. With the purple and powdery white, they looked like colorful umbrellas from a distance.

The scenery of our campus is charming all the year round. It is a beautiful garden campus and a good place for us to grow.




I not only have a beautiful campus, the campus has gentle and charming flowers and trees, but also the lively form of students. In spring, all kinds of flowers are competing to open up and compete with each other. The grass does not want to feel inferior.

It is a spring rain that makes the flowers afraid of rain stop suddenly. This is, the bell rings at the same time. The teacher has not had time to finish class.

Some students think it is spacious The teacher beat the teacher on the playground and said that at the end of class, the students went to hell and quickly ran out of those naughty classrooms in our class. For example, Yang Yu was honest, Zhang chenpei had beautiful flowers and luxuriant grass in summer, and the students were also tall. Butterflies were dancing in the flowers, while bees were busy in the flowers.

Although the hot summer came, they were not always players Leisure, but, the enthusiasm of the students did not firmly reduce, but rose, many reasons for two reasons: first, male students can wear beautiful and generous shirts, female students can also wear beautiful skirts. Second, because we like the summer vacation must come, if so, where do we want to go to fall one by one to the place of autumn, we can use it Ye is the hand-made grass in art class, and the flowers have dried. The brown students' clothes have thickened.

They are afraid to catch cold. They also have a happy attempt. That is, we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables like this.

We may not see the shadow of flowers and grass on the playground in winter. Only uncle Dashu can bear it. During the winter vacation, the students in our class must not have had time to get rid of us The students in the class were scared.

They were so excited that we felt happy and happy.




Today, university campus tourism is more and more popular with tourists. Whether the university campus should be open to tourists needs to be solved. Many people think that the campus should be a display window of the University.

For example, Peking University is an old university of higher education. No one will believe it. If he or she walks on the campus, it is just a campus of a school.

They might say, what a beautiful park it is. It's famous for its education. People want to feel the environment of a famous university.



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