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英文读书报告的格式_Reading Report 2篇/

关于”读书报告“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Reading Report。以下是关于读书报告的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Reading Report

Today, the Internet is so important that we can hardly do any work without it. However, every coin has its own side, and the Internet also has many disadvantages, which are embodied in the following aspects: on the one hand, the Internet has many advantages. We usually search information or send e-mail to learn, because it can improve work efficiency.

Online shopping is a new and convenient way of shopping, so it is also very popular among young people, so we can infer that interns have many advantages on the other hand, and the Internet also has many disadvantages. It's almost a bad thing to spend so much time playing online games. As a result, people may find that their interest in work and study is not as good as in a bad environment.

On the other hand, there is a lack of face-to-face communication. As a result, we can infer that the Internet has many disadvantages. For the reasons summarized above, the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages, only when we accept the product On the extreme, on the way out of poverty, the Internet will be our truly reliable friend.





Vanity fair the protagonist of Vanity Fair is Becky sharp Sharp, an unscrupulous woman who gets wealth and influence by her own ingenuity, was published as a series before it was sold in the form of a book. It was printed monthly between January and July (according to standard practice, the last part is a "double number" containing parts that are similar to pamphlets, printed on the outside of a steel plate engraving and spread In the text, the same engraving illustrations appear on the yellow cover of each month's magazine, and this color has become the mark of Thackeray (light blue and green is Dickens, who let passers-by notice a new Thackeray number from the bookstall in the distance). Vanity Fair is the first work of Thackeray published in his own name And it was very popular at the time, and the first monthly figures and later bound editions featured Thackeray's own illustrations, which sometimes provided plot hints or symbolic shipping images (the main characters were the cannibal mermaids, for example).

The text did not explicitly mention most contemporary versions, either did not copy all the illustrations, or copied so badly that A lot of details are missing.


《名利场》英国作家·马克佩斯·萨克雷的小说《名利场》的主角是贝基·夏普(Becky Sharp),一个靠自己的聪明才智获得财富和影响力的不择手段的女人在以书的形式出售之前,它是作为一个系列出版的,它在xx月到xx月之间按月印刷(按照标准惯例,最后一部分是一个“双编号”,包含了一些零件,这些零件类似于小册子,在钢板版画外页与广告木刻版之间有几章文字,可与普通活字一起设置,在正文中,同样的雕刻插图出现在每个月刊的淡封面上,这种颜色成为萨克雷的标志(浅蓝绿色是狄更斯让路人从远处的书摊上注意到一个新的萨克雷号码名利场是萨克雷以自己的名义出版的第一部作品,并且在当时非常受欢迎,最初的每月数字和后来的装订版本都以萨克雷自己的插图为特色,这些插图有时会提供情节暗示或象征性的货运图像(主要人物表现为食人美人鱼,例如)文本没有明确提及大多数当代版本,要么没有复制所有插图,要么复制得太差,以至于丢失了许多细节。


Books and newss I read a book for many days. The title of the book is cat and mouse in a haunted house. It's about a news mouse named Geronimo Stilton, who runs newss in new mouse City, the capital of rat island.

One night in October, he decided to visit his aunt, but he got lost driving through the dark forest because of the fog, and then his car ran out of gas. He thought I wish I were at home. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning in the sky.

When he approached the front door, he saw a big castle. He saw two stone cats and a sign that said, "to smart cat castle, the doorbell is at one." The mouth of a stone cat. When Geronimo decided to enter the castle, it began to rain, so he finally walked into the castle.

Geronimos' sister, nephew Benjamin and his cousin Trapp all came to help him find out all the two kittens. They didn't want anyone else to come to the castle because the castle was their ancestor's smart cat, so after reading this story, they all came to the castle, I've done a lot of tricks. I think it's very interesting.

I have a lot of interesting things. My favorite character is Benjamin, the nephew of geronimos. Because he is very cute and intelt, he always observes every detail he finds.

He finds his feet on the floor and on the nails. The wall of the story says that Geronimo is a very timid mouse and always scares himself. I like this very much That's why I read more books.



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