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关于”人生的意义“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The meaning of life。以下是关于人生的意义的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The meaning of life

The meaning of life life is very important to anyone in the world, but the meaning of life is not clear to anyone on earth. Some people think that life is work. They don't need to know anything outside their professional field.

So they don't care about many things, such as sports, entertainment and music. Life is not just about work and work It is also important to our life, because it provides us with the opportunity to make money and make our life better. However, in today's society, as a person's life, work is not enough, he or she should know more than his or her own field of knowledge, a person's professional knowledge can help him or her to establish a sense of morality, the meaning of life is difficult to explain, no one can give it a clear identity, but life is not difficult.

The meaning of life is dedication. If someone in the world is willing to give, the life of the world will be better.




Work is a part of a meaningful life. Work is an important tool through which individuals can achieve their goals, prosperity and meaningful life. It is not the basis of meaningful life, but an integral part of it.

According to younkins, meaningful life and rational, effective work and the realization of goals are interrelated, and human prosperity is prosperous Prosperity and happiness, because productivity is one of the most important elements of a meaningful life. If one wants to be a productive person, he must work hard. On the other hand, we can control our existence by acquiring knowledge and transforming our thoughts and values into material forms.

It is important that we can realize our abilities and aspirations and give us meaning to exist, because it helps us shape our personal identity, and it is also the brick of society in order to live a meaningful life. We must be reasonable Sex people, they choose work as an indisputable way to prosper our lives. For example, if we consider the labor market and the people who are paid for their work, we can say that they can support themselves, support their families, and perhaps have enough money to spend on the entertainment that these people give us meaning to, for their existence and for shaping their lives Organize your life based on what they do, give you a reason to wake up in the morning, and let you understand the importance of other things in life.

Later, work is the central goal of people's lives, but it's not the only one where you feel tired and frustrated by work, but when you gather around the Christmas tree, you'll be able to provide a copy for your children A gift and a glass of wine with your wife. Work gives you the freedom to choose, the freedom to have what you need and desire.




Compared with the universe, our life is really short, like a meter, but the meaning of life does not depend on its length, but on its contribution. For example, Madame Curie, in order to find radium, has devoted her whole life to research. Although the life span of radioactive elements is relatively short, she has never given up her determination to serve the world.

For her story, I have come to the conclusion that the first meaning of life is contribution. The criterion to judge a life is not how much he asks for, but how much he pays; the second meaning of life is to strive for our goal. Each of us has its own goals, such as longing for status, longing for wealth, looking forward to being loved.

However, what is the road to these goals? There is no rose, but no matter how hard it is to realize our dreams, if you really want to realize your dreams, we should never say die. Please keep diligent and patient, just like the English proverb "get something for nothing, irresistible". The third meaning of life is happiness.

We should not only keep happy, but also bring happiness to others. For example, we can have an optimistic attitude, which can affect the people around us. In addition, we should be ready to help others because we can make us and them happy.

I think it is an unchanging truth to help others create happiness. I just want to say that our life is limited, but we can strive to make it shine and believe in it. Although our life is short, we can also achieve success.

If we try our best, our life will be meaningful.





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