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关于”有关烟火“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:About Fireworks。以下是关于有关烟火的八级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About Fireworks

The week-long National Day holiday, which starts on October 1, is not only a festival to celebrate the birth of the country, but also a time for people to relax. After all, under great pressure every day, everyone is eager to slow down and rediscover the true joy of life. My only hope for this week-long holiday is to relax.

I didn't have any fun. I slept until the sun came out and ate my favorite food. Because of their high calorie, I hardly ate it.

Moreover, I often watched different types of movies from morning to night. I seldom went out during the holiday because it was too terrible to fight with the crowd during the National Day holiday But this time, I can't resist the music fireworks show with the theme of "various colors of music". As part of the International Music Fireworks Festival, the music fireworks show designed by Swedish artists was staged in Pudong Century Park on the evening of October 10.

The fireworks and music are integrated into one, which brings strong visual and auditory impact to me. The artists selected a variety of music works, including classical music by Beethoven and Strauss, some representative pop songs, such as "my heart will continue". Fireworks are set off in different forms.

I can enjoy the fireworks in the sky and their reflection on the water. From the water surface to the sky several meters high, the multi-layer and rich fireworks constitute an extremely spectacular picture One of the most eye-catching pictures is that several pieces of almost glittering fireworks form a long meter wide red carpet along the water surface, a high waterfall, fireworks rush down from the bridge across Jingtian lake, at the same time, the red lantern shaped fireworks diffuse in the sky, really took me to a romantic trip, fireworks and firecrackers set off, I hope to have a chance to see it next time Music Fireworks.





Fireworks is a kind of low explosive pyrotechnic device, which is mainly used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. The most common use of fireworks is as part of a fireworks show. Fireworks (also known as fireworks or fireworks) is a kind of fireworks competition to show the effect of fireworks devices.

The world's largest fireworks festival is held regularly in many places, at the new year's Eve celebration in Madeira, Portugal, as recorded in the Guinness World Records of Chinese historical creation The etchings of the "royal fireworks" on the world's Thames show the lagoon of Epcot in "lighting: reflection of the earth," and a nighttime fireworks show in Bratislava, Slovakia, ready for fireworks at SAIN Castel. The earliest clear record of fireworks originated in China in the th century. At first, it used its loud voice to drive away evil spirits and pray for happiness and prosperity.

As a result of its extensive knowledge of pyrotechnics and pyrotechnics in ancient China, the use of pyrotechnics as an independent craftsman also led to the development of this knowledge of pyrotechnics. In some countries, the speed of rocket launching "hamster" fireworks frightened the feast of Empress Dowager Gongsheng. Her son emperor LiZong of Song Dynasty (r-th century, rocket propulsion has become a common phenomenon in wars, and the two great emperors, Liu Ji and Jiao Yu (fl c) The fire dragon Sutra proves that from then on, the birth, wedding, coronation or new year's Eve celebration of any major event has become the right time for the noisy Amed de vran.



最终,烟花制作艺术和科学在中国古代发展成为一个独立的行业,火工技术人员(火工师傅)因其在安装炫目的光和声焰火方面的知识和技能而广受尊敬,这可能也导致了中国使用军用火箭。在一些国家,火箭发射的“地鼠”烟火的速度吓坏了恭生太后的盛宴她的儿子宋立宗皇帝(r-到世纪,火箭推进已成为战争中的普遍现象,由刘基和焦羽(fl c)编纂的《火龙经》所证明,从那时起,任何重大事件的诞生、婚礼、加冕典礼或除夕庆祝都成了吵闹者阿梅德夫兰的合适时机。


Should fireworks be banned? Directions: for this part, you have 30 minutes to write a composition on this topic. If fireworks are prohibited, you should write at least a few words. Your composition should be based on the outline (in Chinese) below: suggested key words: setting off firecrackers / setting off firecrackers H] remember to write your composition in a clear and orderly way, and fireworks should be neat about whether it should be banned The opinions on setting off fireworks vary from person to person.

Some people agree that setting off fireworks can bring good luck to special days. Especially if it is forbidden to set off fireworks, it will bring good luck to the coming new year. There is no crackling to add a happy atmosphere.

Others think that setting off fireworks is harmful. They say that fireworks cause many casualties and fireworks Disaster accidents, they also said, in a sense, there are pieces of paper on the ground and smoke in the air, which is another kind of pollution. I personally think that in the latter view, I think the safety of people's life and property is more important than the pleasure of setting off fireworks.

In addition, we can find other safer and more meaningful ways to celebrate this special festival and the coming new year.



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