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I don't remember how many exams I've taken since I started school. To be honest, I don't like exams at all. I dare say that actually no students like exams.

We often hear people say that examinations are the magic weapon of teachers. So most of us may think that teachers give our students so many tests, but I don't think so. Before becoming teachers, almost all of them were students 。 We don't like exams, and neither do our teachers.

It is reasonable to conclude that the more exams we take, the more time teachers spend and the more trouble our teachers will have. I think this is what our country's system has brought to us. If there is no entrance examination, all students can go to school without competition, so there will not be so many examinations in primary and secondary schools.

Therefore, it is very important and necessary to reform the examination system. Only in this way can we greatly reduce the number of examinations, and then all examinations will be cancelled, and students will be happier.





My future is not a dream. Last semester, my English score was very poor. I felt very sad.

My parents were very worried about me during the winter vacation. My head teacher came to see us and talked about my future with my parents. My teacher said, although I am not good at English, I am good at basketball, if I can work hard, I will become a promising basketball player in the future.

My teachers and parents encouraged me to study hard to become an educated sportsman. I said to them: "I will never lose heart, I will try my best to catch up with my classmates in English." now I know clearly what kind of person I will be and what I should do. With the help of the teacher, I have made progress in every class.

I believe that my future is not a dream.




I am a male student. This year, I want to apply to the University of Hong Kong to continue my future study. I hope to get your good impression.

I believe that learning can change my life, so I always work hard. My favorite subject is English, so I am good at this fast globalized society. I think a good English ability can help.

I have a lot of hobbies, such as reading, traveling, hiking, which enriches my spare time and some extracurricular activities. I have been a volunteer in Ren'ai sanatorium for many years to help disabled children in their daily life. If you If you are interested in me, I think I have learned a lot from this experience.

Please send an email to Lihua @ xinnakang. Thank you for your coming. Good morning, I am Li Hua from XX middle school in China.

On behalf of all the students and myself, I welcome him to China. Let's welcome him again. Thank you very much.

Now, I'd like to briefly introduce my school. It has many advantages It's only half an hour's journey from the airport to the ancient town. Finally, I hope Mr.

Smith can communicate with friendly students face to face. Thank you for saying that you want to know something about online shopping. Online shopping is a new kiosk based on the Internet.

It just means that you can buy something convenient online. No doubt, with the rapid development of online shopping today, more and more people are interested in online shopping The more people buy what they need through the Internet, most of them are young people, such as workers and academicians. They often use computers and the Internet, so they have more opportunities to contact online shopping.

But on the other hand, there are also some people who do not accept it and trust it. Most of them are old people. They are not familiar with online shopping, and some even don't know it Usually buying electronic products, daily necessities, clothes and other clothes is my most concern.

Online shopping is what we should accept gradually.




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