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关于”好朋友描述你们的友谊“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Good friends describe your friendship。以下是关于好朋友描述你们的友谊的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Good friends describe your friendship

As one of the most important friends in my life, the most important thing for each friend to have a pure life is not to have a lot of friends, so I think it is very important for each of us to have a good friendship with the rich and the poor A good friend is XX. When we grow up together, she will listen to me and wipe my eyes when I cry. She will sing birthday songs for me on my birthday.

She will encourage me. When I lose confidence, I think friendship is a kind of wealth in our life. It is like a bottle of wine.

The longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be. When we are thirsty, it is like a cup of tea, it will be our best choice. I will cherish my friends.

I must work with my friends to encourage and help each other.




My boyfriend is my soul mate. First of all, he is very easy to get along with. I think I can share anything with him.

He and I have many similar interests. For example, he likes cauliflower, so do I. He is a good listener.

I feel comfortable with him. I will never show any way to express him, nor will I feel uneasy or embarrassed. When I tell him in front of him any secrets about my hopes, dreams and even my deepest secrets, he should find a safe haven with him.

Secondly, he has the ability to understand my thoughts and feel that what is closely related to this is a kind of tolerance rather than a factual error. However, due to my mediocrity, I finally make mistakes. He is very patient with me.

He does not hate me at all. When I want to do things my way, he does not insist on his own way. One day, we decided to buy sports shoes together, and he suggested that I not go to the sports street we are familiar with.

When I insisted on going to a commercial street that I saw advertising in magazines in different towns that day, I found that his proposal was better than mine, because there we could not buy shoes at our price, although we had to go far away from our town to go there, he had to go there Not angry with me, he said he was glad I took him to a new place, and as my soul mate, he was one of the most trustworthy people in my life.





Dear friend: in your last letter, you asked me what friendship is. I want to tell you something about friendship. Friendship is a very difficult word to understand, because there are only real friendship.

You can't distinguish between good friends and friends. Sometimes fake friends pretend to be your good friends and let you get into trouble. When real friends can teach you a lot, even if the difficulties are difficult to solve, they will To help you, it's an important lesson to separate bad friends from good ones.

When you are sad and anxious, friends should help each other. Your good friends should help you to get rid of your sadness or calm you down. This is my point.

Understanding friendship, I hope everything goes well.



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