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关于”童年最难忘的是“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:The most unforgettable thing about childhood。以下是关于童年最难忘的是的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The most unforgettable thing about childhood

In my growing up process, there are many things worth remembering. These things are like meteors. In the evening of separation, one thing left a deep impression on me.

That is, on the weekend, I was playing with several children. A friend wanted to play hide and seek with me. I didn't want to play hide and seek with my child, and beat him.

Is that right? The child cried and didn't expect the child to tell me about this matter Dad, I just came home. My dad asked me, "are you bullying the kids?" I said, "No." Dad's expression became serious. I was a little nervous.

I thought: I should tell Dad about dad and dad. Dad said, "since you don't bully children to do homework," I thought in my heart, I lied. I should tell my father about it.

My father will criticize me after finishing my homework Dare to tell the story to Dad, dad did not criticize me and praised me as an honest child. Although this matter has been in the past for a long time, how can I forget it? Let me know how to avoid bullying children and be an honest boy.




Speaking of my favorite childhood memory, there is no doubt that the baseball final I participated in was the best one in the second year of my stay in the United States. My language was much better. I could communicate with other students, and they knew me better.

Because I wanted to participate in various activities, the teacher recommended me to the school baseball team. I was nervous at first, although I faced discrimination But the team warmly welcomed me, which made me feel relaxed, because many of our old players were promoted to the middle school team. They didn't make it to the final last year.

The team was in a very low mood. Our coach, who is my PE teacher, decided to rearrange the team and let some new players join the team. He wanted me to try to catch the ball first, but I was not strong enough to do it So I ended up as a left fielder.

I don't think it's hard work, but training proved that I was too wrong. We had to practice long lobs, low fastballs and sprint balls, but it did work. We made it to the final, facing last year's champion, who beat us in the round before the final.

In all the games, I didn't make any mistakes, but I think everyone will have bad luck, so I made a fatal mistake, I missed my area, this should be my specialty, and they can score. I was disappointed when we came off, but everyone comforted me not to worry, I didn't feel the disappointment I expected, but my coach and our instructions Who's the pitcher and didn't say anything that made me nervous. At the end of the fourth round, when we came back from the court, we were down for about a few rounds, our subtitles called me, I went over to see what happened, he was adjusting his helmet for the attack, don't be too upset, he said, I don't know who he was, he said at first that he ran to the batter's box, you'll have good luck.




Childhood is like strong coffee, warm heart, give your childhood like a cup of light tea, let you have endless aftertaste, childhood like the rainbow in the storm, gorgeous, like the afterglow of childhood and the surrounding line of sight, let people miss, also like the winding path, let you grow up wind can not blow away the warm memories, rain is falling, everything is impossible to put this thing in one In the moving melody, there is only the lovely sunshine, which will save it. It can recall the mixed dreams, the elegant learning language, the memory of just learning to walk, the first time on the stage, the first call to your parents, the first moment, all these suits appear in your eyes, just like a colorful shell, these colorful Colorful shells hold up my colorful childhood.



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