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关于”现如今追逐名利现象“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Nowadays, the pursuit of fame and wealth。以下是关于现如今追逐名利现象的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Nowadays, the pursuit of fame and wealth

Happiness and sadness in our lives, happiness and sadness are like shadows that accompany us. Sometimes we are in happiness, sometimes in sadness. We can't distinguish happiness and sadness.

What is happiness forever in nature? Happiness is the driving force to push the world forward. A happy person has a sound mind, lives a happy life, participates in good activities, and shares happiness with his peers happy. It can be said that happy people get satisfaction from being kind to others.

Grief is often selfish. ① the desire for power increases one's pain. When the desire for power and fame and wealth, the desire for power and the desire for fame and wealth go hand in hand.

They are divorced from reality and become the source of sadness. Jealousy, revenge and vanity are also the sources of sorrow. There are three evils in man's imagination.

6. People suffer from pain without knowing happiness. Man must be free from desire and imagination.





Fame if you get fame, you become very aware of the benefits of being famous: you can have fame, honor, wealth, you can have a lot of supporters / fans / followers, you will be respected by the public, you will be an ideal example for everyone. The disadvantages of fame: you will lose your freedom, you will be followed by the paparazzi, if you take action, you will be on paper the next day You need to be a perfectionist. You will lose your true friends and the sincerity between you and your friends.

You will have to face great pressure. You need to face obstacles and difficulties to become famous.




Fame and success recently, there are more and more celebrities who are famous for their extraordinary performance and experience on the Internet, such as Sister Lotus, who is famous for her figure, and Sister Feng, who is famous for her self-confidence. There are many ways to achieve success. Taking Sister Feng as an example, maybe many people dream of becoming famous in China or even in the world, but they are just dreamers, not the opposite No matter whether her way of becoming famous can be accepted by most people, she did what she wanted to do and achieved better results than she had ever imagined.

Through this example, I just want to prove that you can seize many opportunities to realize your dream. The success or failure depends on whether you can go out and not just be yourself and show yourself bravely. This is what you need to do now.

There are many tools that can help you to achieve your goal more easily. Like Sister Feng, she makes full use of the power of the Internet to let herself in In people's eyes, it is often the Internet. The tools she uses help her achieve success.

Therefore, when you have a dream, practice it in your own way, especially in a way different from others. Finally, use the tools around you reasonably. No matter whether you succeed or not, you succeed because you have done something that others dare not do.



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