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关于”有关tony“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:About Tony。以下是关于有关tony的八年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About Tony

One sunny Sunday morning, Robert rabbit was languidly wandering down an alley when he met Tony tortoise, wearing a new straw hat with a bright red ribbon. Now Robert is not shy at all, he said, "I hope you can lend me your hat, it will fit my ears perfectly; no, I can't lend it to anyone," Tony said. "Robert never gives up.

Let's go to farmer's green gate. You can let me wear my hat until the end of the match, and then the winner can keep on wearing it. Poor Tony has to give in, but he's not Happy, so Robert put his little hat between his ears and said to be fair, I'll give you a good start to the corner of the alley.

Poor Tony falters, and as fast as he can, his calf will go, which is really very slow. As soon as Tony was out of sight, Robert rabbit began to think that he would win the race easily, but he only walked a few yards and a gust of wind blew his hat onto the tree. What should I do now? Robert, I couldn't climb a tree, so I had to wait until someone passed by.

Who could he? He waited and waited. No one came, but at last he heard the rustling sound in the tree and saw two bright eyes looking down at him from above. Why is it Sally squirrel? He said hello, Sally.

Can you see a little hat on the tree? I didn't say Sally I couldn't see it from here, but I'm going to see it, so Sally jumped from branch to branch with her thick gray tail on her head. Yes, she called me and now you can see it. I threw it to you.

Robert took the hat and said thank you very much. Sally, now I'm going to win the game. At this time, Tony had reached the gate and saw farmer green standing there looking at him.

A minute later, Robert came panting. What's the matter? About asking farmer green and why Robert rabbit was wearing a hat, Tony told him all about the game, so the farmer said, "come on, Robert, you lost the game, so give the hat back to Tony. Oh, good point, Robert When I take off the hat, I think I should be fair, but I'm not lucky, otherwise I can easily win the game and the hat.





Tony is an exchange student from the United States. Now he studies in our school. I like playing basketball, so does he.

So we quickly become good friends. We talk about the differences among students in each school. Tony: Hey, Leo, can you tell me something about Chinese students, such as their performance in class.

Leo: no problem, Chinese students usually do Tony: Wow, American students and Chinese students are very different in American classrooms. You can see students sitting face to face, and not many class rulers allow students to drink and talk freely. Leo: Wow, that sounds great.




A good result should be another one who listens first and then answers the question of who pays for Tony's dinner. Tony Steele came in and I was eating in a restaurant. Tony worked in a law firm a few years ago, but now he works in a bank with a high salary, but he always borrows money from his friends and never pays them back.

When Tony sees me, he sits at the same table and eats "I never borrowed money from you," Tony said. "Now you can pay for my dinner.".



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