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关于”紫砂壶“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:dark-red enameled pottery teapot。以下是关于紫砂壶的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:dark-red enameled pottery teapot

Dear leaders, thank you very much for your precious time to read my resume. My name is XX. I am a fresh graduate of Wuxi Fisheries College of Nanjing Agricultural University.

I majored in international economy and trade. The talents trained have strong comprehensive quality and comprehensive quality. I have strong personal ability, and Tashi people are serious and have a strong sense of responsibility.

I have not only mastered my own mastery I learned how to do things and make myself a conscientious and responsible person. I worked in the school palace district and got acquainted with some key members of the college. From their training, they learned a lot of abilities and served as a league In the process of work, some leaders and teachers have established good relations, and their positive and responsible attitude has also been praised by teachers and students.

During my part-time job, I not only enhanced the growth of knowledge, but also cultivated my ability to deal with problems independently and team spirit. I also met some friends. For example, in Jiangnan Zisha International Art Expo Park, I gave my department instructors and students a helping role in the first class of the school.

They were engaged in the study of social practice. I have accumulated rich experience I hope my efforts and your appreciation will contribute to your team and create more value for you. Finally, thank you for reading my resume.

Thank you for your recommendation: XX.




About Chinese tea culture. In the west, coffee has become a part of daily life, in China, tea has become a part of daily life. In China, people can see teahouses scattered on the streets.

The relationship between Chinese and tea is so close that a cultural phenomenon related to tea is emerging. Chinese tea culture includes articles, poems, pictures about tea, the art of making and drinking tea, and some customs about tea, which play an important role in Chinese social and emotional life. Tea is always provided to the guests immediately after entering the Chinese family.

Serving a cup of tea is not only a kind of courtesy, but also a symbol of unity, a kind of sharing of enjoyment and a kind of respect for visitors. Although there are more and more literatures about tea in recent years, Lu Yu, known as the "tea sage", wrote the book of tea in the Song Dynasty, which describes in detail the cultivation of tea trees, the cultivation of tea trees, the sharing of enjoyment and the respect of visitors Most of the famous artists in Yifu Town, such as the tea picking and Zibai tea picking, are the most popular ones for the famous poets in Yibai and Zibai of Jiangsu Province Colored clay gives these products an internationally known purple color. The off-line knowledge about the quality of tea can affect the taste of tea.

In ancient China, mountain spring water was used to make tea. Rain, snow and water from rivers, lakes and streams were suitable for tea making. Tap water has too much chlorine and should not be used now.

Pure water and mineral water are used to make tea. The temperature of water is very important for ordinary green tea, brown tea and scented tea. The water should be between C and C If the tea is too hot for oolong tea, the temperature should be higher than centigrade.






Purple clay pot is a unique hand-made clay sculpture handicraft in China. It was made in Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty. The raw material is purple sand.

It is a kind of "antique" with high collection value. It is difficult to find a kind of pottery in the works of masters. The raw material is purple clay.

It originated in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, also known as Yixing purple clay pot. It is said that the founder of purple clay pot was spring festival festival in Ming Dynasty.



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