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关于”对于文化的描述“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:A description of culture。以下是关于对于文化的描述的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A description of culture

French food culture by Julia Abramson French food culture (food culture around the world) Publisher: Greenwood Press pages: publication date: ISBN/ ASIN:ISBN/EAN French cuisine has always been regarded as the pinnacle of Gourmet culture. It provides a barrier free high-end food tour in France, but also mainly daily food culture. It clarifies the French way of life and shows popular cooking programs such as Julia's children's Find the basic discussion in the narrative chapter of food history, main food and ingredients, cooking, typical meals, dining out.

In addition, the amount of information in the book of diet and health is also indispensable for understanding the local planting and specialty. France is famous for its appreciation of seasonal food, which is also reflected in the description of shopping and cooking All students and French lovers who are used to learning French culture and language will benefit from the Bordeaux Burgundy croissant introduced here.


法国食品文化Julia Abramson著法国食品文化(世界各地的食品文化)出版商:Greenwood Press页数:出版日期:ISBN/ASIN:ISBN/EAN:装订:精装产品解说词:法式烹饪一直被视为美食文化的顶峰,在法国提供了一个无障碍的高级美食之旅同时也主要是日常饮食文化,它阐明了法国的生活方式,并展示了流行的烹饪节目,如茱莉亚孩子的,是基于什么,读者将找到基本的讨论在叙述章节的食物历史,主要食物和配料,烹饪,典型的膳食,外出就餐,此外,饮食与健康这本书的信息量对于了解当地的种植和特产也是不可或缺的,法国以其对季节性食物的欣赏而闻名于世,在购物、烹饪等方面的描述中也有所体现,饮食习惯所有学习法国文化和语言的学生和法语爱好者都将从这里介绍的波尔多勃艮第羊角面包中受益。


What is cultural shock? Cultural shock can be described as a feeling of confusion and disorientation. When a person is faced with a large number of new and unfamiliar people and situations, many things help it - smell, sound, taste, of course, the feeling of breathing air. The unfamiliar language and behavior of local people are also the causes of this phenomenon.

People's response to cultural shock is also different From excited and energetic behavior to withdrawal, depression, and physical illness, a particular individual may have one or another response to cultural shock. The concept of cultural shock needs to bear in mind two useful ideas. First of all, most people go to a new country and experience a certain degree of cultural shock.

Whether they admit it or not, cultural shock is more in one Second, cultural shock, like other types of shock, is usually short-lived. As time goes on, theoretical analysts of cultural shock point out that the experience of cultural shock is not necessarily negative, but with confusion and loss of direction, there may be some unhappiness and unhappiness, confusion and Disorientation is a necessary step in learning a new culture. If everything in a new place is like home, it is impossible to learn there http://internationaloucbcca/cultureshock/printexthtm.




We don't have to go to other places to learn about other cultures. How much can we learn from books, movies and the Internet. In recent years, people are interested in long-distance travel to strange cities far away from their hometown, mainly to experience the local culture and learn traditions.

However, some people suspect that people can obtain cultural related information through books, movies and the Internet instead of traveling. To some extent, I disagree with this view. Although books, movies and the Internet are useful resources to provide valuable cultural information, using books and the Internet to search for comprehensive cultural information of tourist destinations is a time-saving way.

Many published travel guides summarize useful strategies and explore the cultural landscape in detail, lonely planet and the country People in geography now also tend to record their trips on online travel websites, such as travel consultants, which provides a convenient platform for travelers around the world to share their own cultural experiences. In addition, due to some objective constraints, such as the length of holidays, tourism budget and language barriers, as the main source of tourism information, books, movies and the Internet, travel records may be out of date when tourists read travel notes, because in the era of globalization, everything in a country is changing. Take the cultural sector as an example Toothy women no longer regard fans as a kind of body language, and the information on movies and the Internet seems to show a lack of reliability.

Film is an art that exaggerates and dramatizes the content description on the Internet. Every netizen can express his own views. Cultural phenomena or traditional events make word-of-mouth not authoritative and objective, so it is difficult to generalize it.

It is not enough to rely on books, movies and the Internet to obtain cultural information, because of the lack of trust and authority, even if these resources are sufficient and available The combination of travel and knowledge (from books, movies and the Internet) will be the best choice.




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