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Simile + simile + (like / like / like) + like Mr. asasto atode, you are like the sun, but more magnificent and more brilliant. Your soul is as pure as snow, your personality is praising you like a noble tree, our dear teacher is crystal clear as water metaphor) + yes / Yes + time is a river, memory is water.

Oh, my friend, I got it from the river It's all you want. Time is money. You're one in a million.

He has more than eight movie stars. This movie star is a nine day miracle. I wonder if anyone will remember her teaching fish to swim in a year, turning sand into trees and ducks on boats.

Buses in America are on strike. What's more powerful than pen and sword is that she's a social butterfly and Uncle Sam won't help you You can rely on him as long as you can.


比喻)明喻+(似/似/似)+如阿萨斯多阿托德老师,你像太阳一样,但更加壮丽,更加灿烂你的灵魂如雪般纯洁,你的人格像高贵的小树一样对你赞不绝口,我们亲爱的老师如水晶般清澈如水的比喻)+是/是+时间是一条河,记忆就是水哦,我的朋友,我从河里捞到的是你所有的渴望时间是金钱你是百万分之一他有一个超过八这个电影明星是一个九天的奇迹我怀疑是否有人会记得她在一年的时间里教鱼游泳把沙子翻到树上鸭子在船上转喻)美国的公共汽车都在罢工比笔剑更强大的是,她是一只社交的蝴蝶,山姆大叔不会帮助你,只要你在tourbleHesa true Blue,你就可以依靠他来帮助你。


A tale of two cities and a tale of two cities is one of the most important representative works of Dickens. The novel profoundly exposes the social contradictions before the French Revolution and strongly criticizes the wanton and cruelty of the aristocratic social class. The novel also describes many magnificent scenes, such as the people's uprising and attacking the Bastille prison, showing people's great power.

The novel depicts many different people. Dr. Manette is honest and kind but persecuted.

Lucy is a beautiful and gentle Charles, elegant and noble Lori. Honest and honest Sydney is indifferent in appearance, warm in heart, unconventional but selfless. Lovtimis Poulos is straightforward.

The loyal Raymond brothers are cruel and dangerous. The complex hatred is hard to solve. The cruel revenge makes As an outstanding writer, language skills are indispensable in Dickens' works, such as metaphor, exaggeration, contrast, humor, ridicule and so on.

The artistry of the works is also transmitted to the peak. There are some differences between the novel and the general history, the novel and its people Both the material and the main plot are made up based on the extensive realistic background of the French Revolution. The author takes the experience of the novel character Dr.

Manette as the main line and interweaves with various techniques such as improper accusation and decoration, which makes the structure complete and tight, the plot twists and turns, anxiety and drama rich and dramatic, showing extraordinary artistic skills. The style of a tale of two cities is solemn and melancholy, full of indignation, but lacking Lack of humor in early works.




Abstract: with the development of mass media, newspapers are one of the main media for us to obtain information from all over the world. Nowadays, English newspapers are very popular and read all over China. Many people still have difficulties in understanding the headlines of English newspapers because they have their own characteristics, cultural background, and I Our daily English is different in many aspects.

This paper will focus on the lexical analysis. The structural features and rhetorical devices of English newspaper headlines will help us better understand the key words in newspapers: newspaper headlines, lexical features, structural features and rhetorical devices.



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