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关于”对的期望“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Expectations for。以下是关于对的期望的四年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Expectations for

Peter Ross, a famous baseball player I've never met, taught me something very valuable and changed my life. Peter was interviewed in spring training. That year, he was about to break ty Cobb's record setting record.

A reporter blurted out: "Pete, you only need click through rate to break the record. How many atbat do you think you need to get it Hit rate "Pete didn't hesitate to stare at the reporter and, importantly," the reporter yelled, "ah, come on, Pete, you don't want to get a hit rate in atbats." do you want it? " Mr. rose calmly shared his philosophy with reporters in the crowd, who anxiously waited for his answer to the seemingly boastful statement: "every time I stand in front of the plate, if I don't want to be hit, I don't have the right to stand in the batter's position." "if I go up and hope to be hit," he went on, "then I probably didn't get a prayer of success It's a positive expectation that makes me click all the time.

"When I think about Peter Roth's philosophy and how it's applied to everyday life, I feel a little embarrassed as a businessman. I hope as a father, I want to be a good father, a married man, I want to be a good husband. The fact is that I'm a qualified salesman, I'm not a bad father, I'm a good husband, and I immediately decided that it's not enough to be good.

I want to be a great salesman, a great father and a great husband. I changed my attitude, a positive expectation, and the result was great. I was lucky to win several sales trips, and I won coach of the year in my son's Baseball League, my wife and I My son Karen has a loving relationship and I hope to marry her for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Mr. rose.




We try to make our children better off, so that we make my grandchildren worse, and I know better I really want them to know about hand-made clothes, homemade ice cream and leftovers. I really want to my dear grandson, I hope you will learn humility in failure, even when you fail, you should learn to be honest. One is watching I hope you learn to make the bed, mow the grass and wash the car.

I hope no one will give you a brand-new car when you are 16 years old; if at least once you can see one If you have to put your old dog to sleep, you will have a good friend with you I hope you will fight for what you believe I hope you have to share a bedroom with your brother, it is OK to draw a line in the middle of the room, but when he wants to climb into the bed with you because of his fear, I hope you can let him; when you When you want to see a Disney movie and your brother wants to go with you, I hope you can take him with you. I hope you can go up the mountain with your friends, and you live in a town where you can finish the task safely. If you want a catapult, I hope your father will teach you how to make one, instead of buying one.

I hope you learn to dig the soil and read books. When you learn to use computers, you also learn how to add and subtract in your mind. I hope you fall in love with one for the first time When you're a girl, you'll be razed to the ground by your friends, and when you talk back to your mother, you'll learn what Ivory soap tastes like when you climb a mountain, you peel your knees, burn your hands on the stove, stick your tongue on the frozen flagpole 13ihope you'll get sick when someone puffs smoke in your face.

I don't care if you've ever had a beer, but I hope you don't like it If a friend offers you marijuana or any drugs, I hope you are smart enough to realize that the person is not your friend; I certainly hope you can find time to sit on the porch with your grandfather or go fishing with your uncle; I hope your mother will punish you when you throw a baseball into a neighbor's window, and she will when you give her a plaster cast of your hand Hug you, kiss you. I hope you experience time, disappointment, effort and happiness.


我们努力让我们的孩子们过得更好,以至于我们让我的孙子们变得更糟,我更了解 我真的很想让他们知道关于手制衣服,自制冰淇淋和剩饭我真的很想 我亲爱的孙子,我希望你在失败中学会谦逊,即使在失败的时候你也要学会诚实一个是在看 我希望你学会铺床、割草、洗车,我希望16岁时没人给你一辆崭新的汽车;如果至少有一次你能看到一头小牛出生,那就太好了,如果你不得不让你的老狗睡觉,你会有一个好朋友陪着你 我希望你会为你所信仰的东西而斗志 我希望你必须和你的弟弟共用一间卧室,在房间中间划一条线是可以的,但当他因为害怕而想和你一起爬到被窝里时,我希望你能让他;当你想看迪斯尼电影,而你的弟弟想跟你一起去的时候,我希望你能带着他去。我希望你能和你的朋友们一起上山,而且你住在一个可以安全完成任务的城镇里,如果你想要弹弓,我希望你的父亲教你如何做一个,而不是买一个我希望你学会挖掘泥土和阅读书籍,当你学会使用电脑,你也学会了如何在你的头脑中加减;我希望你第一次爱上一个女孩时,你会被朋友们夷为平地,当你和你母亲顶嘴时,你会学到什么是象牙肥皂尝起来像‰爬山时你的膝盖会被剥皮,在炉子上烫伤你的手,把舌头粘在冰冻的旗杆上 我希望当有人朝你脸上喷烟时你会生病我不在乎你是否喝过一次啤酒,但我希望你不会喜欢它,如果一个朋友给你提供大麻或任何毒品,我希望你足够聪明,能意识到那个人不是你的朋友;我当然希望你能抽出时间和你爷爷坐在门廊上,或者和你叔叔去钓鱼;我希望当你把棒球扔进邻居的窗户时,你妈妈会惩罚你,当你给她一块你手上的石膏模型时,她会拥抱你,亲吻你。我希望你经历时光、失望、努力和幸福。


What do I expect from my college life? I think my college life should be good. University is a good place for us to study and live. Campus life can also be rich and colorful.

Every day, a series of extroverts come into my view. I will talk with them. Here I make friends with new students from all over China.

I will enjoy sports on the playground with my classmates. Although I am tired, I am very happy. Sometimes I choose to watch news on the Internet and sometimes watch movies to relax.

Of course, I will be more than before By studying hard, I not only developed my intelligence, but also cultivated social skills, knowledge and wisdom, and learned how to balance intense learning and entertainment.



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