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关于”形容母爱“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Describe maternal love。以下是关于形容母爱的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe maternal love

His rain is continuous and affectionate. I think of your mother again. I think of the rain again.

I just want to say sorry: "Mom, I'm sorry." in the sketch class on Sunday, you came all the way from the classroom to come back for me. May God don't let me be beautiful. When it rains, you easily ride a bicycle, and the big rain falls on your face.

Clothes, glasses, sweat, have been quietly on your face Slide, you forget to wipe, still trying to ride my umbrella against your side, but you are concerned to say: "don't call me, yesterday you just had diarrhea, don't take cold again." I have nothing to say, in the school has been an umbrella continued to hit me, I saw around no one, my heart began to panic: not today, there is no school mother, even in order to send me I gave up taking a nap in class, but now, if I had to ask my mother to take me home, I jumped out of the car and asked the guard Ye Wen: later, I just felt that I almost scared your heart out of "heart disease". Today, I came to you without class and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, mom, I didn't have a sketch class today.", On the reflection, amiable scene with my prompt said: "I know that today may not have class, may be afraid of case studies, small class delay you muddle headed, I want to send you home, I heard in a hurry:" Mom, you don't have to go to work, I walk back. "You smile and say:" you a child to go home, I this parents can rest assured to get on the bus quickly.

"I followed the words The car, sometimes flat, sometimes rough, I feel very guilty, I feel sorry, but my mouth with a strong glue, how can't open, even opened, voice but small noise, hair also refused to come out, I stood there watching you, the building door gradually faded in the fog completely lost, I suddenly realized that you are so great large.




Mother love got up late this morning and went to school without feeding my cat. When I came home in the afternoon, the cat almost died of hunger. They circled around me, crying for food.

I took out a fish and threw it to the cat. I wanted to see who was the first cat to catch the fish. Mother cat took it in her mouth and ran away quickly.

Instead of eating it, she put it down. Then she told her children there. Four hungry kittens began to eat fish.

But their mother just stayed there and looked at them tenderly. They didn't eat anything. I thought of my mother.

She often selflessly did everything for me. It was a kind of maternal love, I think.





My mother is 40 years old. She is an ordinary office worker in a company. She is the first teacher in my life and one of my best friends when I was young.

My mother is always with me, teaching me how to walk and how to say hello to others step by step. I can walk without any help and speak fluently. My mother is very kind, quiet and easy to get along with.

I can't forget the stories about my mother sitting by my bed and reading me stories. These stories make me understand how to be a good person. Mom has many hobbies.

She likes to watch TV while weaving cloth. She is also interested in mountain climbing. At weekends, our family will rest on the mountain.

She likes sports, so she stays at home all day The Olympic Games in my memory, grape is her favorite fruit, she often told us grapes are rich in nutrition, I want to say too much, but I think the best way to express my love for my mother is to love her forever.



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