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关于”我们的校园演讲稿“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Our campus speech。以下是关于我们的校园演讲稿的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Our campus speech

Why do we usually make such mistakes, or even more? Activists say it's because of money itself. They think that money has changed a lot of things. For example, they think money has changed the way we measure a person's value in society.

They even regard money as the source of evil. They hate money, but they are wrong. In my opinion, it is totally wrong, Kim Money is a tool.

It is undeniable that we have done some harmful things with money, but we can't say that money is the root of evil. Just like hammers, we can kill people with hammers, but can we say that hammers are demons? Money itself is neither good nor bad. It itself is a mirror, a perfect and important mirror, a mirror reflecting both darkness and human brilliance.

All of them depend on us. Therefore, my classmates, ladies and gentlemen, in the future, don't ask us what we can do for money, but what money can do for us to show humanity Because we have a future, we are the future.




Dear John, last Saturday morning, we held a speech contest on the playground. We selected 20 students from 10 classes, 2 students in each class. Five English teachers participated in the contest as judges.

All the students were watching the competition. The theme of the speech was "let our campus be more beautiful". The students insisted on keeping the campus clean, avoiding littering and taking good care of plants Enjoy green, behave properly, care for others, let everyone feel love in the campus.

Finally, six students won the prize, including two students in my class. I think we all learned a lot from the speech. We are consistent in our words and deeds, so our campus will become more beautiful.

Do you have such activities in your school? I wish you, Li Hua.




Campus life I am a student of N middle school. I have studied here for five years. I have been deeply impressed by many things.

Now I want to tell you something unforgettable. First, I took part in an English speech contest for the first time. When I was in senior one, the theme was to learn from Lei Feng.

I did well. Since then, I was encouraged and more interested in English. I read English stories, English weekly, write English diaries and do English practice every day.

In this way, I improved my English level a lot, and even read an article in class. How proud I was at that time, I hoped that I could become a good reporter in English. I had to work harder to realize my dream.

The second is a party, which was held on Christmas Eve last year. I sang an English song called "yesterday". My classmates spoke highly of me.

They said that they had never heard a better voice than me. How happy I am. I like singing in my spare time.

There is music every day. I like listening to light music and rock music. I also like watching some entertainment programs in my spare time.

I will invite my friends to my birthday party. My life is full of sunshine. We should make many friends when we are young.

The more friends we have, the higher we are Xing, why am I always full of vitality and happiness? What difficulties do you have? I want to share what I think is impossible. If we make up our mind, why not start from now on, cherish our time on campus, study hard and have a happy golden time.





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