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Please listen to the announcement that the flight of London International Airlines from London will be delayed for one hour due to bad weather. Please note that AF (aircraft frame) departing from Paris is delayed due to engine failure and is stopping for inspection in Hong Kong. Further information will be announced.

Attention please. Welcome aboard. Ladies and gentlemen, you are now on a flight to Paris.

The flight time is three hours and the arrival time is 7:00 p.m. please fasten your seat belt so that you can take off without smoking. Thank you.

Now you can unfasten your seat belt. Our flight speed is kilometers per hour and the altitude is meters. If you like, there are newspapers and magazines on the plane.

Thank you Please note that your flight (or) to (and) is the FOAC flight from Paris, due time: ① accident ② express departure for last call ③ British Overseas Airlines flight ④ a.b.c.d. flight girls, please pay attention to the hurricane and its hazards, learn from a movie called West, go to brin A lecture by gwith.




Thomson Airlines (Thomson) The UK's first commercial flight to use sustainable biofuels has taken off from Birmingham Airport; Thomson's Boeing company, which uses a mixture of waste cooking oil and traditional aviation fuel, will be first and foremost a one-off flight to lanzarot on Thursday: British summer time, the company said, Since then, regular flights will use biofuels every day, and the company hopes to reduce the cost of biofuels; it uses a few liters of processed cooking oil, which costs almost four times as much as the equivalent jet fuel, Paul Kehoe, at Birmingham Airport "Someone has to go first, and when you try it for the first time, the costs tend to come down and, more importantly, carbon dioxide emissions," said airport's chief executive The flight was originally scheduled to take place in July, but had to be delayed due to fuel delivery problems. The airline said that in other aspects, it would be a normal flight and passengers should not notice the difference; the use of biofuels has been tested by Boeing, and other airlines around the world have recently tested similar flights; in Virgin Atlantic, there is no passenger wave As a demonstration of the technology, the sound plane flies between London and Amsterdam partly powered by biofuels. Biofuels come from a variety of sources, and those from waste are considered the most sustainable; environmentalists warn that some plant-based biofuels produce even more carbon dioxide emissions than fossil fuels.

"We're going to have to reduce the amount of flying," said Joe peacock of friends of the earth. "If we want to reduce emissions, there's no choice.".


汤姆森航空公司(Thomson Airways)食用油飞机从伯明翰机场起飞,英国首个使用可持续生物燃料的商业航班已经从伯明翰机场起飞;汤姆森航空公司的波音公司使用了废弃食用油和传统航空燃料的混合燃料,星期四:英国夏令时飞往兰扎罗特的航班将首先是一次性的,汤姆森航空公司表示,从那时起,定期航班将每天使用生物燃料,该公司希望能降低生物燃料的成本;该航班使用了几升加工过的食用油,成本几乎是同等喷气燃料保罗·凯霍(Paul Kehoe)的四倍,伯明翰机场(Birmingham Airport)的首席执行官说:“必须有人先行一步,而当你第一次尝试时,成本往往会降低,更重要的是,二氧化碳排放量也会下降。”该航班原计划在7月举行,但由于燃油输送问题不得不推迟航空公司表示,在其他方面,这将是一个正常的航班,乘客不应注意到区别;使用生物燃料已经由波音公司进行了测试,世界各地的其他几家航空公司最近也试飞了类似的航班;在维珍大西洋,一架无乘客波音飞机在伦敦和阿姆斯特丹之间飞行,部分动力来自生物燃料作为这项技术的一个示范‰生物燃料来自多种来源,而那些来自废物的燃料被认为是最可持续的;环保人士警告说,一些以植物为基础的生物燃料产生的二氧化碳排放量甚至比化石燃料还要多。“我们将不得不减少飞行量“地球之友”的乔·皮科克(Joe Peacock)说:“如果我们想减少排放,就别无选择了。



Ladies and gentlemen, my name is XXX, and I am your purser today. On behalf of the crew, I welcome you to take flight XXX. This flight is from XXX to XXX, the flight distance is XXX km, and the flight time is about XX hours and XX minutes.

Please check your boarding pass again to confirm that you are on the correct flight that we are about to take off. Please fasten your seat belt and turn off your mobile phone. Thank you for your service department.



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