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关于”你觉得最坏的发明“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:What do you think is the worst invention。以下是关于你觉得最坏的发明的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What do you think is the worst invention

Einstein played truant in the spring. According to the laws of Germany at that time, Einstein was already old. The boy returned to China for military service because of militarism before he left Germany.

In addition, he could not bear to live alone in the camp of Lewis boulder high school. Einstein did not discuss work with his parents, so he decided to leave Germany and reunite with his parents in Italy Albert Einstein came up with a good idea when he was in a bad mood. He asked the math teacher for his doctor's certificate.

He said that his mathematical talents had reached the university level early. He got the sick leave certificate from a familiar doctor. He said that he was weak in nerves and needed to go home to the sanatorium Admittedly, he thought that there were two evidences to escape from this armpit.

Unexpectedly, he had not applied, but the Dean told him to destroy Ban Feng and keep dropping out of school, which made Einstein blush with shame. No matter what the reason was, as long as he could leave the middle school, he was willing and unable to think about it. He just thought of a cunning idea that had not been realized for himself, and suddenly felt guilty Every time he mentioned it, Einstein's guilt about such things and his frank and sincere character were too much.




A telephone is an instrument that converts sound and sound signals into electrical pulses and transmits them through wires to different locations. Another phone receives electrical pulses and converts them into recognizable sounds, Alexander Graham When bell began to test electrical signals, he made the first telephone to transmit human voice electrically. Telegraph has become an established means of communication.

Although the telegraph is a very successful system, it has multiple Morse codes and is basically limited to receiving and sending one message at a time. Bell's extensive understanding of the nature of sound and his understanding of music enabled him to speculate on the possibility of transmitting multiple messages simultaneously on the same wire. Although the idea of multiple telegrams had existed for some time, bell proposed his own musical or harmonic method as a workable solution, and his "harmonic telegraph" was based on the principle that if notes or letters The tone of the horn is different, and several notes can be sent along the same wire at the same time.


电话是一种将声音和声音信号转换成电脉冲,通过电线传输到不同地点的仪器,另一部电话接收电脉冲并将其转换成可识别的声音,亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell)在贝尔开始试验电信号时,制造了第一部电传输人类声音的电话,电报已经成为一种既定的通讯手段,尽管电报是一种非常成功的系统,它有着多道莫尔斯电码,基本上只限于一次接收和发送一条信息。贝尔对声音本质的广泛了解和对音乐的理解使他能够推测在同一条电线上同时传送多条信息的可能性,尽管多重电报的想法已经存在了一段时间,贝尔提出了他自己的音乐或和声方法作为一种可行的解决方案,他的“谐波电报”是基于这样一个原则:如果音符或信号的音调不同,几个音符可以同时沿着同一根电线发送。


In winter, people often wear hats to keep out the cold. However, people began to use hats, not for heating, but as ornaments. China has long invented hats, commonly known as "big" and "crown".

The "crown" refers to the "crown" of a hat. Unlike today's hat, it covers all the heads of the head. Its narrow top beam and some of the hoods are tied with ribbons on both sides The age of ancient people wearing crowns is fixed on the boat.

When wearing crowns, a "ceremony" should be held. It is said that in the Han Dynasty, crowns were used earlier than "crowns" in different occasions for different identities. This kind of "crown" was much lower before.

It was respectful and used a silk thread to make people look straight ahead and use a thread that did not listen to false accusations Covering both sides of the ears, the emperor specially ascended the throne for the crown prince to add the "crown". The ancient working people later wore scarves, and hats gradually became popular necessities.



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