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Good morning. The theme of our speech is that happiness comes from health. In recent years, our health condition has declined rapidly, but the obesity rate has risen sharply.

What's worse, the best way to solve this problem is to do more exercise to prevent the fatigue of work and study. Moreover, it can bring good effect to our memory and learning efficiency, which can make us happier. Dear students, health is everything, no health Kang, we can't do anything, but most of our students don't realize that they are talking and laughing when they are running, which brings chaos to the team.

Some people even hide in the bathroom. If you continue to do this, you will develop the habit of being lazy on others to improve our health and learning. I think we should follow these rules: first, when running Be careful, pay attention to your actions and don't talk.

Second, finally, we should take part in various activities. We should be strong willed. The stronger our body is, the better our work and study will be.

We can face all the difficulties and challenges. I hope you will become healthier and more confident with the help of exercise.




I would like to be a famous historian in the morning. I would like to start my first class of history with my parents in a few years I hope I can love my work, too. The other seven subjects are Chinese, mathematics, English, art, biology, music and sports.

History is really interesting for me. My favorite movie is my favorite movie, but I don't like the most interesting things in the movie. I don't like watching movies, but I don't like horror movies at all, because they are really terrible for me.

I like to eat healthy noodles and eggs Usually my breakfast, lunch, I will eat chicken and rice, dinner, I like apples and bread, potatoes are my favorite food, because they are healthy and delicious. I read the news that if you can choose one kind of food, potatoes can make you live the longest. By the way, my friends and I have nicknamed our math teacher Mr.

potato. I like it Sports I can play football, basketball, table tennis, more beneficial to the human body, right? I always said that life needs sports, which is all I have. How about you, if you can reply to me as soon as possible, I'm really happy.




My name is Lin Tao. I have always dreamed of having a robot in Superman. It will be the product of artificial intelligence.

It can do many things for me, including helping me do all the housework, especially cleaning the floor I hate most. It can cook for my family at any time. It can take me to school to pick me up.

It is not my parents who put me together. It may also be my teacher, Teach me English and math. With the breakthrough of science and technology, what kind of robot will it be? I firmly believe that my dream will come true one day.

Have you ever thought that in the future or in a few years, we can imagine that all the housework, including washing dishes, cleaning windows, etc., is easy to complete automatically, just because we have robots. As long as they are at home, we will not have to do it ourselves Go shopping and cook. If a family member gets sick, we can still stay in our apartment, because robots are doctors.

Yes, robots in the future may be everything except human beings.



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