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关于”环境对智力的影响“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The influence of environment on intelligence。以下是关于环境对智力的影响的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The influence of environment on intelligence

Explanation: in this section, you can write a composition about the nature or cultivation of intelligence in a few minutes. You should at least write a composition according to the Chinese outline given below: intelligence training or nurture? Now, there is no consensus on intelligence. Some people think that intelligence is for something we are born with.

The closer the blood relationship between two people, the closer their intelligence is. However, some people think that environment plays an important role in our intelligence. For example, if we put two identical twins in different environments, we may send one to college and the other to college.

In a factory where work is boring, we will find that their intelligence is different, just as every coin has two sides Part of our intelligence is innate, part developmental. The only way to develop our intelligence is smart parents and good environment.





With the development of industry and agriculture, environmental problems around the world are becoming more and more serious. Cars make a lot of noise and emit poisonous gases. Trees on the mountains are cut down, and waste water is pouring into the river.

Moreover, no matter where we go today, we can find that garbage disposal is not careful, the whole ecological balance of the earth is changing, and large-scale environmental damage is happening It has brought about negative effects on human survival, and even poses a great threat to human survival. We must face the current situation and take action to solve our environmental problems. For example, new laws must be adopted to strictly control industrial pollution, and the public must be educated about the hazards of pollution.

We hope that all these measures will be effective in restoring the environment to health.





A company has announced that it wants to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the pros and cons of this new impact on your community. Are you for or against the factory? Explain your position.

New factories usually bring many benefits to the community, such as jobs and increased prosperity. However, in my opinion, the benefits of having a factory outweigh the risks, which is why I am against building a factory near the community. In my opinion, this city will be damaged by a large factory.

A factory will destroy the quality of air and water, and bring smoke and pollution to factories in cities and towns. In the long run, the environment will be damaged and people's health will be affected. It is not worth having a factory.

However, factories will create more jobs and our population will grow to accommodate more workers, More houses and shops will require us to really want such a big growth, so fast. If our town is developing, I prefer slow growth and good planning. I don't want to see rows of cheap row villas.

Our quality of life must be taken into account. I believe this kind of growth will change our city too much. I love my hometown because it is a safe small town.

If we have to expand to accommodate new citizens, then the feeling of the town will disappear, and I will miss it very much a factory will be very helpful. However, in some aspects, I feel that the danger outweighs the benefit. I can't support the plan to build a factory here, and hope others will feel the same way.




如果我们必须扩大规模来容纳新的市民,那么小镇的感觉就会消失,我对它的思念会很大 一个工厂会很有帮助的然而,在某些方面,我觉得危险大于利益,我无法支持在这里建厂的计划,并希望其他人也有同样的感受。

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