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关于”美丽中国“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Beautiful China。以下是关于美丽中国的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Beautiful China

"Wild China" is a very good series produced by the BBC Natural History unit. I watched the whole documentary, and the last but not the least is how they capture pictures of animals and nature, from the Himalayas to the dense bamboo forests to the marine life in the South China Sea, which is very shocking It's not just an ordinary documentary. Artwild China also shows the interaction between human and nature in an interesting way.

For example, the fishermen in a certain scene are definitely worth seeing.


《野生中国》是由英国广播公司自然历史单元制作的一个非常好的系列片,我看了整个纪录片,对它的画质、声音、最后一个但并非最不重要的是,他们如何捕捉动物和自然的画面,它涵盖了从喜马拉雅山脉到茂密的竹林,到南中国海的海洋生物,这是非常令人震惊的不仅仅是一部普通的纪录片,artWild China也以一种有趣的方式展示了人类与自然的互动,比如某个场景中的渔民绝对值得一看。


Fiona took us to her friend's farm. The farm was so big that it was a bit like the broad antennae bishop on the Mongolian grassland. How do we milk? I know that when milking, the fingers can't move up and down.

I hold up both hands and pinch the nipples. After the milk comes out, I follow the farmers to do a demonstration. The shining white milk spurts from the nipple, and I splash on my face.

Rex's companions He also began to learn how to squeeze. Who knows what happened? He just put out a hand, and the cow began to urinate, which made you laugh. It can be used to describe that we were completely defeated on the farm.

I fed the calf BB with a bottle. It pulled the bottle and raised the poultry, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck and pig in the farm mischievously. I held the rabbit, held a ball, and a head The hair is very smooth.

Today I visit the farm and enjoy the natural beauty of Australia.




What can I do for my beloved beautiful motherland to tell me the truth? I have no clue about the answer to this question. To be honest, I just want to ask someone to finish my homework so that I can play computer games instead. There is another reason.

I really don't know what I can do for others as a child, but others can What I do will not lie. I will not say "I can become an astronaut, explore the mysterious space, and strive to strengthen the scientific strength of our country." I will say that I am only more interested in getting the latest spaceship toys. I know that I should devote a lot of time and effort to various fields of research to become a scientist or astronaut, including mathematics, mathematics, etc With a high understanding of physics and astrophysics, what can I do? As long as I have food and toys, I don't want to feel bored, but my iPad will soon save me.

Oh, I think I met the word count requirement, so I'll sign it now.



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