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关于”描写苹果“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Describe apples。以下是关于描写苹果的初二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe apples

This is an ordinary apple. It is red. The yellow side of the red pear tree is yellow.

There are several pieces of different sizes hanging on the yellow peel. There are "freckles" scattered on the face. It is red and has a centimeter long scar.

In addition, there is a dark red broken place. In this apple, dashafeng well hides a short stemmed golden apple, which is like a person trapped in a mud pool Xu kuijian was overjoyed, but he could not help Shanghai. I finally made "carbazole Zhi" and took a bite.

The sweetness was just right: thick, suspected of Tatan desalination, suspected of tasteless Iman Mouth, endless aftertaste of a bite, that juice like courtyard honey, infused into my blood he put on the table, a "east east east" sound sounds like a kind of rapid heartbeat sound, also like a kind of non-stop shaking.




Yesterday was the second day of my winter vacation. My mother and I went to the park to relax. During this period, I ate a few apples and found it difficult to eat all the apples, so I threw it on the ground.

But at the same time, I saw a little girl pick up the apple and throw it into the garbage can. After seeing this, my face turned red. Of course, how ashamed I am.

Protecting the environment is an opportunity for everyone, but it doesn't mean everyone can do it I believe that if everyone contributes to the protection of the environment, our world will become more and more beautiful.




In this photo taken Friday, Keith Moore, a librarian at the Royal Society in January, holds William stuckley's memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton. In London, a centennial account of how a fallen fruit helped Isaac Newton develop his theory of gravity will be released online on Monday, with Jan scanning the fragile paper manuscript for the first time Apple's approach to helping Isaac Newton always failed. Newton's encounter with apple, one of the most famous anecdotes in science, is now available on William stuckley's website Stukeley, a librarian of the contemporary Royal Society of Newton, said that the apple story had resonated for centuries because it contained a large number of examples of how modern science works, a hint to the solar system, and even an allusion to the Bible, when Newton described observing a falling apple and guessing its principles "He's talking about scientific methods," Moore said.

"The shape of the apple reminds us of the planet - it's round. Of course, apples falling from trees do remind people of the story of Adam and Eve, and Newton, as a believer, would find it appropriate."; "it happened in the middle of England when Newton retreated to him A family in the North closed Cambridge University after the outbreak of the plague. Stuckley's manuscript describes a spring afternoon when the famous scientist shared the story "in the shade of some apple trees" at a tea table.

Stuckley wrote that Newton told him that when he sat in the same situation, the concept of gravity suddenly appeared in his mind, "that is one." When an apple fell down, when he sat in a meditative mood, why did the apple always fall vertically to the ground? Why should the apple not move horizontally or upward, but constantly move towards the center of the earth? "There is no doubt that the reason is that there must be a material pull that attracts the earth," stuckley wrote.


在这张星期五拍摄的照片中,一月皇家学会图书馆员基思·摩尔拿着威廉·斯图克利的《艾萨克·牛顿爵士回忆录》手稿,在伦敦,一个关于一颗落下的水果如何帮助艾萨克·牛顿发展出引力理论的世纪记述将于周一在网上发布,Jan第一次将脆弱的纸质手稿扫描出来,并首次向公众公开机构)‰苹果帮助艾萨克•牛顿的方法总是失败的。一篇关于牛顿如何发展引力理论的世纪报告周一在网上发布,这本易碎的纸质手稿首次被公众广泛使用 牛顿与苹果的邂逅是科学界最著名的轶事之一,现在可以在威廉·斯图克利(William Stukeley)记录的褪色草书中读到,牛顿当代皇家学会图书馆员基思·摩尔说,苹果的故事几个世纪以来一直引起共鸣,因为它包含了大量关于现代科学如何运作的例证,一个对太阳系的暗示,甚至是对圣经的一个典故,当牛顿描述观察一个落下的苹果并猜测其原理的过程时在这背后,“他在谈论科学方法,”摩尔说,“苹果的形状让人想起了这个星球——它是圆的,当然,从树上掉下来的苹果确实让人想起了亚当和夏娃的故事,而牛顿作为一个信教的人,会发现这很贴切”;“这件事发生在正中,当牛顿退到他的时候英格兰北部的一个家庭在瘟疫爆发后关闭了剑桥大学,斯图克利的手稿叙述了一个春天的下午,这位著名的科学家在茶上“在一些苹果树的树荫下”分享了这个故事;斯图克利写道,牛顿告诉他,当他坐在同样的情况下时,他脑海中突然出现了万有引力的概念,“那是一个苹果掉下来的时候,当他坐在沉思的心情里,为什么苹果总是垂直于地面下降,他自己想为什么苹果不应该横着,或者向上,而是不断地向地球的中心移动呢?斯图克利写道:“毫无疑问,原因是,地球吸引它,一定有一种物质的牵引力。”。

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