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关于”描述偶像“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Describe idols。以下是关于描述偶像的六级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describe idols

When asked about idols, most people's answers are in the affirmative. In my opinion, idolatry is a popular phenomenon among young people. Idolatry is like a coin, which has two sides, positive side and negative side.

Idols are our excellent role models. We can learn from their lives that they will never give up. The works of idols can help us relieve the pressure.

In contrast, idolatry is a bad phenomenon. Many young people will spend too much money to buy this hobby to support their idols. Once they have the opportunity to meet their idols, they will do cosmetic surgery at all costs, forget it Study and work, what's more, some of them dress up as their favorite idols.

When we are fans, there is a standard. We should learn from our senses, explore the real factors of star success, and improve ourselves by learning from idols.




Instructions: read the following photos carefully and write a short passage to briefly describe the photos, interpret the social phenomena reflected in the photos, and give your opinions. As shown in the above picture, the handsome British football star David Beckham, in the first photo, the name of David appeared on the face of a young man, indicating that the worship of idols was written on the face of the second photo, This young man is doing the unique hairstyle of David's in the barber shop. We heard that he is spending yuan to imitate his idol hairstyle.

These photos skillfully reflect the social phenomenon that young people worship idols. He represents the image of sports hero. His handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills are also warmly sought after by all sports fans.

He is a super in China In the female voice contest, several teenage girls became famous overnight, which caused a heated debate on the value and harm of worshipping these idols all over the country. Generally speaking, young people tend to worship people who are outstanding in appearance, intelligence or talent. Idolatry, a thought-provoking social phenomenon, is a double-edged sword.

If we simply imitate the hairstyle of idols and pursue the fashion of idols unreasonably, it will have a profound impact on the growth of young people. This obsession will definitely waste a lot of money and time If we try to improve ourselves by bridging the gap between the example and us, we will lead a positive and productive life. Therefore, we should adopt the latter attitude to guide our life style.




Part B: read the photos carefully, write a short essay, briefly describe the photos, explain the social phenomena reflected in the photos, give their own opinions, and write simple words on the answer sheet) the photos show two British football stars, one wrote down the name of the star on his face, the other made his hair into an expensive shell In fact, it is a common phenomenon in modern society. With the rapid development of mass media and multi culture, the scope of hero worship is more and more extensive. In daily life, if they are successful, outstanding or popular, they may be worshipped by others.

Is hero worship absolutely right or wrong It depends on what the worshippers have done for their idols. If handled properly, hero worship can stimulate positive aspects in us, such as enthusiasm for life, motivation for work and noble values learned from us. Idols can get inspiration, encouragement and quality from them.

When we strive for career through loving idols, we can contribute to our life Add color and explore wider social experience.



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