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关于”我的错误“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:My mistake。以下是关于我的错误的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My mistake

I think mistakes are due to wrong thinking or understanding, lack of knowledge or skills, no one is perfect, no one will make any mistakes, because many people are afraid of making mistakes, they do not believe, do not say, do not do too much behavior, because they do not want to make mistakes, I say, it is impossible, afraid to make mistakes itself is a mistake, only through mistakes can be made It is better to make mistakes and pursue the truth than to do nothing. Failure is the mother of success. If we human beings do not make mistakes, many scientists may make many mistakes before they find out.

We will achieve nothing and still live a primitive life. Mistakes are the best teacher to guide us through difficulties. Don't let mistakes scare you.

Let us learn from them.




My favorite food different people like different food. My favorite food is honey, because I think honey is good for my health, but my mother often tells me that honey is harmful to my health. My father doesn't like honey, but I don't think honey is sweet.

I like milk with honey. It's delicious, but I have toothache now, so I miss me Yes, say goodbye to my dear.




During the summer vacation, I went to my grandmother's home in the country. On a sunny morning, a group of sparrows chirped and woke me up. I saw a group of sparrows hopping, singing and playing on the window.

This was the first time I saw so many sparrows. I couldn't help opening the window and suddenly saw them. A small sparrow seemed not to be afraid of me and flew in from the window Come on, I quickly closed the window, thinking: if it's good to catch him, I'll grab it with my robe and chair.

I found a milk box with a hole in it. The sparrow thought in the box: I'll put it up. I do it.

At least it's good. It's not hard to find food every day. It doesn't need to be exposed to the sun and rain every day.

I feed it well every day Things, so when it's hot, I will give it a bath every day. It will feel very happy, very satisfied, and like home very much. But I think it is wrong: I feed it millet, do not eat it, feed it to drink water, it is not drinking, but played around in the box, straightened the box, I think, it's just useless to get to the new house, and then slowly adapt to it.

The next morning, when When I opened the box and saw it, I found the parrot lying there dead. I asked her grandmother, and I realized that a little sparrow couldn't see her friends together sooner or later. She was lonely because she broke her head and bled to death in order to be free.

What's more, I didn't mention that sparrow was born and comfortable, because I was hurt by a cute little animal, And I regret it. Well, this is: I made a small mistake.



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