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关于”中的过渡短语“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Transitional phrases in。以下是关于中的过渡短语的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Transitional phrases in

But anyway, after that, shortly / soon after that, so, finally, for this reason, obviously, (no) lucky, (no) lucky, (not) happy, besides that, what's worse, frankly speaking, is that, personally, of course, by the way, for example, and so on On the other hand, surprise, happiness, disappointment, regret, happiness, comfort, on the contrary, as far as I am concerned, in short,.




Transitional word or phrase linking device first, so, especially, and because, in addition, the result is, he, his, his, these, they, he, those, his, his, these, his transition (smoothness transitional coherence speaking and writing are different in many ways. Language dependent writing using written symbols is only developed in recent years Written language is a newly invented language, which was invented about 6000 years ago. It is usually an informal language.

The word selection of words is often more formal. Pronunciation and stress can often be seen from where the speaker comes from. Pronunciation and stress are ignored in writing.

In most countries, there is a common system of diction and spelling in written language. Speech depends on gestures Careful speakers and writers are aware of the differences in language dependence. On the other hand, the use of written symbols in voice writing was developed a few years ago, but written language has only recently developed.

Speech invented about 6000 years ago is usually informal, and the choice of words is usually informal Words, on the other hand, are usually relatively formal. Although pronunciation and accent can usually tell where the speaker is from, they are ignored in wiring because most countries generally use standard wording and spelling systems. Speech depends on gestures, loudness, and voice rise and fall, but writing lacks these characteristics.

Prudent speakers and writers are aware of the differences. In the movie, Robert Redford is a spy. He goes to his office and finds that everyone is dead.

Other spies want to kill him, so he hides in Julie Christie's house. He has been waiting for the weather to warm up, but they still catch up with him. Everyone is looking for satisfaction in life.

They all want to be happy, but if he only pursues short-term happiness, then Now, more than ever, parents need to keep in touch with their children's children, because modern life tends to split the family. You need to arrange your family like a family.


过渡性词语或短语连接装置首先,所以,特别是,而且,因为,另外,结果是,结果,他,他的,他的,他,这些,他们,他,那些,他的,他,这些,他的过渡(平稳性 过渡连贯性说和写在很多方面是不同的言语依赖于声音写作使用书面符号言语是近几年才发展起来的书面语言是最近才发明的一种语言大约六千年前才发明的语言通常是非正式的文字的选词往往是比较正式的发音和重音往往能看出说话人是从哪里来的发音和重音在写作中被忽略的一个标准大多数国家的书面语中普遍存在着措辞和拼写系统,言语依赖于手势、响度,而声音的涨落和书写缺乏手势、响度和声音的涨落细心的说话人和作家都意识到了语言依赖的差异另一方面,声音写作使用书面符号言语是在几年前发展起来的,但是书面语言是最近才发展起来的,大约六千年前才发明的言语通常是非正式的,而文字的选词则相反,通常是相对正式的尽管发音和口音通常能分辨出说话人来自何处,但在接线时却被忽略了,因为大多数国家普遍采用标准的措辞和拼写系统讲话依赖于手势、响度和声音的升降,但是写作缺乏这些特点谨慎的演讲者和作家都意识到了差异。在电影中,罗伯特·雷德福是个间谍,他去了他的办公室,发现所有人都死了,其他间谍想杀了他,所以他躲在朱莉·克里斯蒂的家里,他一直在等着天气转暖,但他们还是追上了他每个人都在寻找生活中的满足感他们都想要快乐,但是如果他只追求短期的快乐,那么这个人很快就会失去快乐,生活也会赶上他他们需要在工作和人际关系中追求更深层次的满足感 现在,父母比以往任何时候都更需要与孩子的孩子保持联系因为现代生活有导致家庭分裂的倾向,你需要像安排家庭一样。


Most sentences are short and concise, and the ideas they are trying to convey are also choppy, insightful positions and meaning Killers: first, second, however, on the other hand, the second example illustrates my point of view. The persuasive reason is the more persuasive example. The main reason is that the main point is obvious: the logically organized connecting ideas use transitional phrases to group Weave ideas and push arguments into complexity: Grace GRE.


大多数句子短小精悍,他们试图传达的思想也是波涛汹涌的,有见地的立场和表达的意思杀手:第一第二,然而,另一方面,第二个例子说明了我的观点有说服力的理由是比较有说服力的例子原因是重点突出的原因:逻辑上有条理的连接思想使用过渡性的短语来组织思想并将论点推进复杂性:GREGRE GRE。

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