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关于”不看外貌“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Don't look at your appearance。以下是关于不看外貌的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Don't look at your appearance

Old people often tell young people not to judge people by their appearance, which means that ability is more important than appearance. However, now, with more and more interviewers focusing on appearance and the appearance of candidates, many people come to the conclusion that appearance is more important than ability for me. I don't agree with this statement.

Good appearance is pleasant, but ability is more important, because it shows one's cultivation and practical value, and it shows that one obtains something through hard work The effort and glory of things, and beautiful appearance means that individuals do not need to struggle. In addition, maybe sometimes a beautiful face can help you a girl get a good position, but in the long run, what really matters in her career development is her talent, not her appearance.




Dear boys and girls, I'm talking about / here's my advice on how to stay healthy. Many teenagers today are not healthy because they exercise less and eat more junk food. They don't have enough sleep time.

If we keep healthy, we have to exercise every day, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, sleep about a few hours every night, stay away from smoking / smoking / drugs, go to bed early, get up early and breathe fresh air outside every day Keep happy. This is my advice. I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life We know that some of our students don't like to eat lunch in school because the food is not delicious, so they often go out of school to buy what they like to eat, but I am worried that eating lunch outside is harmful to their health, because some of the food they buy is not healthy enough.

In my opinion, if our school wants more students to come back and have lunch in it, they should make the food more delicious, and they should provide our students with more food choices, which is also our responsibility, because we know that water is very important to human beings; we can't do without water; there is less and less drinking water; but some people don't care about it; many rivers And the lake is seriously polluted; measures must be taken to prevent pollution; it is our responsibility to protect our environment it is very important to take care of our environment … we should not spit / cut down trees in public places we should plant more flowers and trees we must pick up some rubbish and throw it into the dustbin ԡ if everyone contributes to the protection of the environment, the world will become more and more Jiamei trees are very helpful and important to us we should plant more trees in order to live better and healthier in the future. Everyone in it has the responsibility to love and protect the environment ; save water motor save forest useful stop cutting down and recycle useful garbage to save resources.


亲爱的男孩和女孩们我在谈论/这里是我关于如何保持健康的建议今天很多青少年不健康因为他们少运动多吃垃圾食品睡眠时间不够如果我们保持健康我们必须每天坚持锻炼吃大量水果和蔬菜每晚睡大约几个小时远离抽烟/抽烟/吸毒早睡早起每天在户外呼吸新鲜空气保持快乐这是我的建议我希望你健康并享受生活 不喜欢离开学校害怕回来更美味的提议 我们知道我们的一些学生不喜欢在学校吃午餐,因为食物不好吃所以他们经常走出学校去买他们喜欢吃的东西,但是我担心在外面吃午餐对他们的健康有害,因为他们买的一些食物不够健康。在我看来,如果我们的学校想让更多的学生回来,在里面享用午餐,他们应该让食物更美味,而且他们应该为我们的学生提供选择更多的食物也是我们的责任,因为我们知道水对人类非常重要;我们不能没有水;可饮用的水越来越少;但有些人不关心它;许多河流和湖泊受到严重污染;必须采取措施阻止污染;这是我们的责任保护我们的环境 爱护我们的环境非常重要…我们不应该在公共场所吐痰/砍倒树木 我们应该种植更多的花草树木 我们必须捡起一些垃圾扔进垃圾箱ԡ如果每个人都为保护环境做出贡献,世界会的变得更加美丽 树对我们非常有帮助和重要 我们应该种植更多的树以便在未来生活得更好更健康它的每个人都有责任爱和保护环境 节约水电机拯救森林有用的停止砍伐回收有用的垃圾节约资源。


Don't watch too much TV. Tom watched TV too late last night. He didn't go to bed until 12 o'clock this morning.

He got up very late. He rushed to school without breakfast. When he was in class, the teacher asked him a question.

He was late for class. He couldn't answer when he got home. He didn't finish his homework.

He felt sorry for Tom's decision not to watch too many TV plays until this morning After twelve o'clock, he got up very late. He didn't have time for breakfast and went to school in a hurry. The first class had begun.

He was late for class. He felt very sleepy. After a while, he fell asleep.

The teacher asked him to answer a question, but he couldn't go home after school, but he found it difficult to do his homework. He needed a good sleep immediately. He felt sorry and decided not to watch TV too late.




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