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The discordant Apple Athena is the goddess of wisdom, but once she did a very stupid thing, she competed with Hera and Venus for a beautiful prize, and the result was like this: at the wedding of pereus and Tethys, all gods except Eris were invited, or because of her exclusion and angry discord, the goddess threw a golden apple to the guests It says "for the most beautiful person". Hera, Venus and Athena each claimed that the apple was Zeus. Zeus didn't want to make a decision on such a delicate matter.

So they sent the goddesses to Mount Ida. Paris, the beautiful shepherd, was herding sheep there. The goddesses gave him the decision.

So Hera appeared in front of him and promised him power and wealth. Athena was in the war Venus is the most beautiful woman in his wife. Everyone tries to make his decision in favor of himself.

Paris decides to favor Venus and give her a golden apple, so that the other two goddesses become his enemies under the protection of Venus. Paris drives to Greece and is warmly received by Menelaus, king of Sparta. Now, Menelaus's wife, Helen, is the woman Venus was destined to go to Paris.

She was the most beautiful of her gender. She was married by countless suitors. Before her decision was announced, they were all under the advice of Ulysses.

She vowed that they would protect her from any harm and avenge her career if necessary. She chose Menelaus. With the help of Venus, Paris became their guest, persuaded her to elope with him and took her to Troy, where the famous Trojan War peleustis appeared.




Aphrodite of Melos is made of marble and vividly represents the goddess Aphrodite. Therefore, the statue is named Venus de Milo or Venus demelos because a farmer found it on the Greek island of Milos and named after the island where it was found. The statue shows Aphrodite seminar, who for hundreds of years wore a robe around her legs.

Therefore, the statue has been buried in the underground cave, the statue was seriously damaged, and finally found out, it was replaced in two parts and sent to France, because the Marquis of Riviere brought the statue and gave it to Louis XVIII of France. In the cave, some weapons and an inscribed pedestal were also found, but these statues were lost and never again Can not find. No one knows who created the Aphrodite statue of Melos, which may have been the work of the Greek artist Antioch's Alexandros.

The name was inscribed on a stone on a pedestal that was later lost, but scholars are skeptical that it may not be the correct square with Venus de Milo, so it obliterates Alexandros, and some scholars attribute the work of the statue to Praxiteles. It is said that this statue was carved around the 2nd century B.C. · stew made of cheese can be made of vegetables stew can be made of vegetables C wine is made from grapes, later named after their son John Shea was named after her grandmother because I was absent from school because of illness.

There is no Louis XVIII Praxiteles on all accounts.


梅洛斯的阿芙罗狄蒂是用大理石制成的,生动地代表了女神阿芙罗狄蒂这座雕像因此得名为维纳斯·德米洛或维纳斯·德梅洛斯,因为一位农民在希腊的米洛斯岛上发现了它,并以发现它的岛屿命名。雕像显示了阿芙罗狄蒂·塞米努德(Aphrodite seminude),数百年来,她的双腿上裹着一件长袍。因此,雕像一直被埋在地下洞穴中,雕像遭到严重破坏,最终被发现后来,它分两部分被一起替换并送往法国,因为里维埃尔侯爵带来了这尊雕像,并把它送给了法国的路易十八,在洞穴里还发现了一些武器和一个刻有铭文的基座,但是这些雕像后来丢失了,再也找不到了。

没有人知道是谁创造了梅洛斯的阿芙罗狄蒂雕像这可能是希腊艺术家安提俄克的亚历山德罗斯的作品。这个名字刻在后来丢失的基座上的一块石头上,但学者们对此表示怀疑,因为它可能不是与维纳斯·德米洛(Venus de Milo)的正确方块,因此,这就抹去了亚历山德罗斯(Alexandros)的归属,一些学者将这尊雕像的作品归于普拉克西特勒斯(Praxiteles)。据说这座雕像是在公元前2世纪左右雕刻的・由奶酪做成的炖菜可以用蔬菜做成的炖菜可以用蔬菜做成的c葡萄酒是用葡萄酿制的,后来取名他们的儿子约翰·舍是以她祖母的名字命名的,因为我因病缺课。



In Greek mythology, the name of Venus is "the incarnation of beautiful Venus in Roman mythology, because Venus is the embodiment of beauty in Roman mythology", while Venus is called "beautiful Venus" in Greek mythology. We often say that her son Cupid Venus has a unique beauty, and even his father Zeus has been pursuing her Venus in his life The pursuit of love, she and Adonis become the peak of eternal love. It is said that there was a handsome man named Edwards nice in ancient Greece, who let all things in the world and all the shadows in front of him.

But he was not interested in love at all. One day when Qiping was hunting in the mountains, Venus met Edwards nice and fell in love at first sight. They said hello to him and hoped to have a good relationship with him After chatting for a while, edwardiness is not willing to close the opposite sex.

A good intention that will be rejected by Venus, Venus will only use force to control his actions and pour out his wonderful love. However, Edwards is still unconvinced and even shows his eagerness to get rid of her eyes. Venus exhausted all his sweet words and is willing to give a lot of conditions.

Edwards finally looks at Qiu scornfully Bit, so that she was greatly stimulated, fell on the ground edwardinese a little guilty, hope that she can be forgiven, so patiently waiting for Venus to wake up, Venus continued to try to persuade him, but it is still denied that Eros suddenly foreshadowed Edwards' misfortune, and then advised him not to risk hunting, so she was beside him to protect his safety but love Devonesi didn't believe in the result. He was really in the morning of the hunting. When he was bitten by a porcupine to Venus, he could not help but be heartbroken when he saw that arrow was dead.

He cursed the men and women on earth. Love was always permeated with doubt, fear and sadness.



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