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适合的英语演讲稿_Appropriate speech 4篇/

关于”适合的演讲稿“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Appropriate speech。以下是关于适合的演讲稿的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Appropriate speech

I am looking forward to the coming of August, the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, and the gathering of sports families in Beijing. Chinese people are proud of being a small host. I really want to be a glorious volunteer.

However, I am too young to be a real volunteer, but I can still contribute to it (according to my own wishes). First of all, as a Beijing citizen, I will welcome friends from all over the world with my enthusiasm and smile, show us the friendship and hospitality of Beijing people, let foreign friends understand (feel) Beijing from the smile on our faces; then, I will learn English during the Olympic Games, I can communicate with foreign friends, and my friends can translate and guide them in English, so that they can love Beijing more Third, I will learn more about Beijing and the Olympic Games, so as to introduce the beautiful Beijing and its long history and splendid culture to foreigners, so that they can know more about it. Through talking with every Beijinger, I will mobilize every student around me to learn civilized etiquette and enhance the awareness of protecting the environment that we should do from now on Beijing Olympic Games has become a real Green Olympics, humanistic Olympics, high-tech Olympics - one word - one dream, I hope my dreams come true.




Beijing Opera is the quintessence of China. People call it "Oriental Opera" for two reasons: one is that it contains singing, dancing, music, art, literature and opera style similar to the western world. Their origins are the same classical.

It originated from several ancient local operas and came into being in Beijing. Therefore, we call it Peking opera because of the four major local operas in Anhui at that time Troupe Sanqing, Sixi, chungong and Spring Festival Gala performed successfully in Beijing. They have been cooperating with artists in Handan, Hubei Province.

As a result, a new drama with "Erhuang" and "xipi" as the main aria, Kunqu Opera, Qinqiang opera and Bangzi has emerged. In the next few years, I don't know how to connect with this sentence. There are more and more aria, rhythmic spoken parts and musical instruments The more formalized, eventually formed a new kind of drama, promoting the formation of the form of Peking Opera.

The inspiration of action in Peking Opera comes from the combination and enrichment of action by life artists to make it more beautiful and coherent. Lianpu is a kind of special color facial makeup, which is used to explain the characteristics and destiny of specific characters. Lianpu can help you understand the story of opera.

This is a very important feature of Peking Opera. Peking Opera has been very popular since the Qing Dynasty. Famous Peking opera artists are known as today's superstars.

There are many famous Peking Opera fans, including Emperor Guangxu. They can not only sing, but also play drums. They also know that the aria of the Empress Dowager Cixi is another famous opera Fan, she likes this play very much, so there is a three story theater in the summer palace.

The summer palace is the largest theater in China and has been well preserved.





Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm honored to be here to give a speech on punctuality. We all think that punctuality is very important in our daily life.

We must be punctual to establish habits for our students. We should be punctual in class and abide by our promise. If we are late, the teacher must be angry and punish us.

Some teachers may not come in and shut you out. Otherwise, he will criticize you for facing the classroom or ask you to clean the classroom. Some people think that As long as a few minutes late, it doesn't matter.

We shouldn't be punished. I agree that it's impolite for teachers to punish them for being late, and we should respect our teachers. Once punished, we will never forget and correct the same mistakes.

Our lateness will affect the teacher's teaching mood and have a bad impression on you. So don't be late. Sometimes I'm late I'll say sorry for being late.

I'll try my best to avoid it. Everyone knows the meaning of being punctual. But how many people can say that it's not enough to know that I'm not late once.

So, thank you for your action.



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