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关于”报纸的作用“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:The role of newspapers。以下是关于报纸的作用的考研英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The role of newspapers

In the future of newspapers, do you lie in the sun and enjoy reading newspapers? Do you sit in the subway and spend your boring time flipping through newspapers? No doubt, you may not deny the importance of newspapers as mass media. The first reason I judge is that newspapers provide us with great convenience. Although the emergence of electronic media such as television and computers provides us with another way to obtain information, their power generation limits their indoor use.

On the other hand, newspapers can be taken to any place we want to go. They are small in size and light in weight. We will spare no effort to benefit them Use them.

Another incomparable advantage of newspaper is that it is not polluted. It is no exaggeration to say that almost all of these electronic media are harmful to people's health. For example, television is exposed to radiation, a kind of pollution.

In the long run, radiation will damage people's health, especially for pregnant women, and radiation will even affect infants to some extent. The same can be found in computers, and newspapers are made of natural materials, so they will not cause pollution and people will not be in danger of illness. When they read newspapers, electronic media do have some advantages over newspapers.

They can give us more direct information, not only words, but also sounds and pictures. Newspapers are used as media of the past A clear understanding, far from the facts of the above analysis, is that newspapers have some unique advantages over other media, which affirm their popularity and will continue to do so.





① ② (3) the use of newspaper the main use of newspaper is its information function. ① it informs the public of news every day. Through the newspaper, people receive the latest news of world, national and local events.

The newspaper also warns the public of impending dangers such as storms. Diseases can be transmitted. Dangerous prisoners who come out of prison without newspapers may be injured People.

We may face these dangers without warning. In addition, newspapers are used to guide them to teach us how to cook, how to deal with money, and how to start a business. There are many people who are cheap, lifelong teachers who come to our home every day.

In addition, newspapers make us have a pleasant interest in things. Humorous stories, interesting conversations, sports and interesting articles are published in newspapers all the year round. Finally, we can enjoy them as we like.

Newspapers provide space for advertisements. Enterprises can tell people about their special sales, new stores, services and various commodity news newspapers by placing advertisements in newspapers Paper may be the greatest and most popular way to receive daily news in the world, but they not only inform us, but also warn us, educate us, and entertain us. These are important uses for us and can help the public a lot every day.

① information function ② cheap [inik'spensiv] a. ③ lifelong ['laifl] a. ④ entertainment [ent +'tein] v.

⑤ advertisement ['$DV + Taiz] v In rhetorical problems, markers or adjuncts have no other meanings at the end.


① ②③④⑤报纸的用途报纸的用途报纸的主要用途是它的信息功能①它每天向公众通报新闻,通过报纸,人们收到世界、国家和地方事件的最新消息报纸还警告公众暴风雨等即将发生的危险,疾病是可以传播的,危险的囚犯从监狱出来,如果没有报纸,可能会伤害到人。我们可能会在没有事先警告的情况下面对这些危险。另外,使用报纸是为了指导他们教我们如何做饭,告诉我们如何处理钱,并告诉我们如何创业,还有许多人,报纸是一个廉价的、终身的教师,每天都来我们家。



(newspapers) as we all know, most people like to read newspapers in their spare time. Reading newspapers is a part of our daily life. According to their different publishing times, there are many kinds of newspapers.

We call them daily, evening, weekly, etc. among them, people's daily, Guangming Daily and other national newspapers have more readers than other newspapers. People's daily is the most important newspaper in China and one of the most popular newspapers in China.

At the same time, newspapers can introduce us the latest news of politics, economy and military at home and abroad through reading newspapers. With the rapid development of modern civilization, we can obtain more knowledge and broaden our vision. We must read newspapers in order to understand what is happening in our country and around the world so that we can make greater progress towards the future.




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