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关于”我最难忘的老师“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My most unforgettable Teacher。以下是关于我最难忘的老师的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My most unforgettable Teacher

I sit in the classroom, my eyes are about to close, I hope the teacher does not see, I hope she does not see me bored crazy, left behind, unable to concentrate, I came to class late, although I am punctual, my body is what I mean, my mind is still outside, trying to hide from the classroom what all this means, I have not used it, how can I keep it It, when I have forgotten it, and then she came over, my teacher, the smile in her eyes, the gentle smile, she put her hand on me, let me have a little freedom, now I am in class, learn about the past, learn about history, and what it has done for me, how can we learn from the mistakes of the past, from the mistakes of different people, from the mistakes of some very bold people Learning from mistakes, some people are very brave, some people are against oppression, some people are against mistakes, some people say with dignity, some people say with a song I owe them, and some teachers listen here, what they have done for us, no longer fear that knowledge is so boring, no longer hurt my brain, no longer hurt my skull, it will keep me awake, the past is the future Until I stay awake, so that I can benefit, before I go to class, there are more dangers than I imagined. Thank the history teacher, let me never feel bored in history class in the past, because I have a great history teacher, this is for her.




September 9 every year is a special festival in China. Today, I will give this article as a special gift to an unforgettable teacher. He has changed my life, because we know that a good teacher decides the future of a person's life.

When we meet a good old teacher, maybe I'm a lucky pupil. I'm very naughty. The teacher doesn't like me because I don't study hard They said I couldn't do anything when I grew up.

I felt inferior and began to give up learning. Fortunately, a new teacher came to change my life. He was a tall middle-aged man.

The mole next to his mouth looked very strict at first. I was afraid of him. I didn't dare to talk to him.

Even though I saw him from a distance, I just took a detour because I was a bad boy, but the new teacher didn't think so So he tried to talk to me to encourage me, because [when he found out] I didn't like doing exercises, he bought me some books. At first, I was not ready to accept his kindness, but when I knew that he could only support the whole family on his salary and was very poor, I was shocked. Since then, I studied harder than ever before, I wanted to show them what I could do when I grew up.

My teacher gave me more and more things. We finally became good friends, but unfortunately, the teacher died of cancer. When I heard the news of his death, I cried bitterly.

He (he) gave me a second life in school, helping me to stand up after falling down, but I can't see him again. I don't even have his picture. I'm really sad.

I don't know what's going on. In order to repay my teacher today and every teacher's day, I stand in front of my desk and look at the books he bought for me and thank him in the happy Teacher's day. I really hope he can hear me as before.

I will never forget him who once saved a child.





Unforgettable Teacher in everyone's heart, will let himself in this primary school for six years unforgettable Teacher, let me most unforgettable is the sixth grade teacher taught us Chinese Zhan, she has a black hair, a pair of beautiful eyes, and a small mouth, teacher Zhan is sometimes very strict, sometimes very funny, she is particularly concerned about every student, if any of my classmates make a mistake, Instead of criticizing him severely, Mr. Chen taught him patiently.



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